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Kim Kardashian's fame & fortune comes with a spotlight. Here are some of the best Kim Kardashian memes on Twitter guaranteed to keep you laughing.

Kim Kardashian is flaunting her wealth again: The best memes

The Kardashian family seems to have difficulty staying out of the headlines, and that especially goes for Kim Kardashian who’s currently going through a public marital crisis with husband, rapper, and former “presidential candidate” Kanye West.

However, we’re not going to poke fun at the crumbling relationship. Instead let’s take a closer look at some of the hilarious memes over the years about 2008’s Disaster Movie star, Kim Kardashian, a forty-year-old American socialite whose fame & fortune is attributed to her many interesting moments making amazing memes.   

Here are some of the best Kim Kardashian memes we’ve found on Twitter which are sure to give you a laugh. 

The meal before a meal is the first sign of boredom at work. Although does a Kim Kardashian lunch actually count as a “lunch”? We feel like it would just be warm water in a soup container filled with kale & lemon juice. 

It is tax season, a time disappointing to more people than any “new” Backstreet Boys track after 2001. 

Is anything more infuriating than when a fellow employee calls out sick? To be fair, if it’s the evening server shift during a dinner rush then we’re right there with you. 

Four memes for the price of one! A true Kim Kardashian meme bargain that offers more than the last stimulus check. 

If we say “Kim Kardashian” three times fast, what do we think would happen? 

So long as you choose the right filter, do relationships even matter

Sometimes being a listening ear for a friend is the most difficult job there is . . . especially when it’s the same s%!+ every single time! 

To be fair, with Kim’s money she’s probably adding imported Wisconsin cheese on her popcorn – not the powdered cheese like the rest of us. 

We can’t wait for this pandemic to end so we can go back to skipping our twelve-year-old cousin’s homemade “special dessert” and instead get sick off of $4 jello shots and $5 spicy tots baskets with peppercorn ranch. 

Symmetrically this one still doesn’t add up. We understand money can buy a lot but d@%&. 

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