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Adult actress turned social media star Mia Khalifa is absolutely killing it on IG, and she's looking hotter than ever. See her best posts here.

Mia Khalifa is still looking hot after all these years: Her best IG posts

To say that Mia Khalifa is a controversial figure is putting it lightly. The former porn actress and cam model was once under fire with the Muslim world for wearing a hijab during a threesome scene with Julianna Vega and Sean Lawless. It ultimately led to her parents publicly disowning her.

Mia Khalifa has been embroiled in a legal battle with BangBros & PornHub in order to get control of her past videos. She also wants her domain names returned to her, which are currently being used to house websites attempting to discredit her. The #JusticeForMia hashtag has taken over the internet to raise awareness for her struggles. There’s even a campaign.

Currently, Mia Khalifa stays busy. She runs successful YouTube & TikTok channels that she regularly updates and live streams on Twitch. She also has hosted for a couple different sports shows online, including YouTube’s Out of Bounds and RoosterTeeth’s SportsBall. With her guest role on Hulu’s Ramy, TV might just be Mia’s next adventure. 

There’s no denying Mia Khalifa is a gorgeous person. Keep scrolling for some of our favorite IG posts from Mia Khalifa.

Messy hair, don’t care! 

Who doesn’t love a dressed down shot? In this photo, Mia’s hair is undone and she isn’t wearing makeup yet she looks glam as hell!


Funny and hot sums up this hammock shot of Mia from December 13, 2020.

Cozy & casual

Mia would look good in this photo even without the flannel, but there’s something about it that makes it all the more intimate.

Ear to ear

That smile though!

Fab swimwear! 

This simple black bikini is flattering as hell on her.

Sign of the times

Proof that you can look hot even if you’re wearing a face mask!


We love how happy (and sparkly) she looks in this shot from August 14th, 2020.

Classic Mia

A black and white photo + a bare shoulder = sheer perfection!

Pretty in pink

The all-pink room is almost as cool as Mia!


Mia looks completely fabulous in this long white gown.


Proof that you don’t need to be totally dressed up to look good.

Cupcake, anyone? 

This polka dotted look is both sweet and sexy at the same time.

Thumbs up! 👍

We can’t help but admire Mia’s, um, assets.

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