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Maybe you’ve heard of Mia Khalifa from her raunchy past in the adult film industry. Here's why you should see her IG page.

Here’s why watching Mia Khalifa’s IG is our favorite pastime

Maybe you’ve heard of Mia Khalifa from her raunchy past in the adult film industry. But that was only where one of our favorite Instagrammers & heroes got her start. The Lebanese-American has conquered social media with wholesome content. She also stands up for different causes, including promoting Lebanese representation and fighting against women’s exploitation.

Nowadays, she has a full-time job as an accountant, owns two cute dogs, and lives with her boyfriend, chef Robert Sandberg. Also, she keeps us posted with her Instagram content, which ranks from fitness lifestyle to strong political statements. If you haven’t noticed, Mia Khalifa became one of our favorite celebrities since she is down-to-earth, and most importantly, a strong, brave woman.

Fitness positive queen

If you need some inspiration to start exercising, check out Mia Khalifa’s killer abs. Even though she loves rich food & desserts, her workout routine is really intense so she can keep her body fit. 

Mia Khalifa doesn’t sugarcoat it. It’s hard work to get her body in tip-top shape, but she also gives some friendly tips about achieving fitness goals. We love that she’s not the kind of gym influencer who’s only concerned about looking hot. She trains to empower herself and to keep mind & body strong. 

Speaking out

Mia Khalifa became famous because of her award-winning job in the porn industry. A far cry from fame & fortune though, she encountered a hostile & destructive world underneath the surface of fame & fortune. 

Since the day she left the industry, she has spoken out about low salaries, abusive contracts, threats, and assaults that occur in the adult film world. She’s decided to use her platform to stand against the sexualization & exploitation of women, creating awareness and becoming our latest hero.

Lebanese representation

Even though Mia Khalifa was raised in the United States, she was born in Beirut, Lebanon and lived there for eight years. Due to her connection to her homeland, she is constantly posting about the Lebanese crisis that has pushed thousands of people into poverty. 

After the devastating explosion in Beirut on August 4th, Mia has been raising awareness & funds for the victims, encouraging her followers to donate money & supplies. Khalifa also hasn’t shied away from talking about the political implications of this catastrophe. Her videos, hilarious yet informative, criticize the passive actions of the government and show her total support to Lebanese citizens.

Relationship goals

So your boyfriend keeps complaining about the pictures you post on Instagram? You deserve better! We’re obsessed with Mia Khalifa’s relationship with chef Robert Sandberg. Not only does he cook delicious meals for her, but he also treats her like the queen she is. 

You’ll see tons of cute Instagram posts that involve the 27-year-old Swedish boyfriend, from the cheesy couple pics to the most realistic copies that mention the downsides. In the end, as Khalifa says it’s all about good communication. “Respect each other, and make the effort to see the other’s point of view – even if it takes a few days to let go of the ego,”she advised her followers on Instagram. 

Women empowerment

Recently, several women’s positivity & empowerment movements have become popular on social media. Mia Khalifa is always down to participate in these challenges to encourage self-love among her followers. 

Khalifa’s philosophy is: your body, your decision, and you should feel comfortable in your skin no matter its color, size, or type. Even though she might look perfect on social media, she’s constantly joking about how she’s far from it. She shows us how having imperfections is completely normal, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Food recommendations

If you’re a foodie and love discovering new flavors, Mia Khalifa has some good recommendations for U.S. & international eateries. This might not be the central topic of Khalifa’s Instagram, but it’s something she clearly enjoys posting. 

Now, with a chef boyfriend, she’s been scouting more restaurants than ever before. After reading she took Robert Sandberg to Pizzeria Mozza on their first date in Los Angeles, we desperately wanted to try its famous Margherita pizza.

Cute puppies 

Last but not least, Mia Khalifa is a puppy lover just like us, so she posts a lot of wholesome dog content on her Instagram. She owns two maltipoos with her boyfriend and they both consider them an important part of the family. If you’re here to watch these little cuties playing around, you can also follow their personal account @Toulousieboy.


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