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Kanye West may prefer to be called Ye these days, but his memes will always be top-notch. Start scrolling and see which ones make you laugh the hardest!

From Kanye West to Ye: All the best memes about this controversial artist

Remember when Kanye West was Yeezy? Now he’s Ye? Oh, and remember when he interrupted Taylor Swift, and when he painted himself silver, and when he . . . 

Honestly, we could go on for days and days about what Kanye West has done. And somehow, perfectly, his antics always make for some great memes. Even if someone’s associated with him, like ex-wife Kim Kardashian or a rapper he’s beefed with like Drake – boom – they’ve entered the meme orbit, and now they’re a meme. 

So let’s travel back in time and (re)discover all the Kanye West memes that made the rapper iconic, even if it wasn’t for being a self-proclaimed “genius”. Get on your cube-suits and waddle down memory lane with us as we stroll from iconic Ye meme to iconic Ye meme. 

Ye can’t shake Kim K

We searched for Kanye West memes. And while they’ve been off for forever in internet years, we’re still getting Kim K references. Tbf, the dementors reference was painfully obvious. 

Where’s Ye? 

Granted, this oversized cube is a meme in itself.

kanye west memes

No votes for Ye

Guess no one wanted to go to his Birthday party.

kanye west memes

What if he won, though? 


kanye west memes

That smile

That’s the smile we make when we go . . . “oh” . . . 😅

kanye west memes

Facing the in-laws

We’re all going to be Kanye West this Thursday 🦃

kanye west memes

How do you know it’s a Kanye West song? 

He reminded us halfway through.

kanye west memes

Remember those Valentine’s Day cards? 

The ones you gave out in school? If this meme doesn’t have the same energy . . .

kanye west memes

Ideas, ideas . . . 

If you’re looking for a new background photo for your phone.

kanye west memes

Who ran against Kanye West for president again? 

Oh yeah . . . that joke never gets old.

kanye west memes

Neither does this one

Kanye interruptions are just here to stay 🤷

kanye west memes

Double or nothing

We still have to assure ourselves that tin man Kanye isn’t hiding under our beds 😱😱😱

kanye west memes

Sleepy Ye memes

Used up all his energy hopping on the I.

kanye west memes

Sad ye

Put Sad Kanye West on anything, and boom! Memes galore.

kanye west memes

And finally . . . 

The Simpsons did it! 

What are your favorite Kanye West memes? Drop ’em in the comments below! 

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