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Kanye West has a new name, folks. Dive into our list of Twitter reactions to 'Ye' and find out where you stand on the hip-hop icon's new title.

How has Twitter reacted to Kanye West’s name change?

Kanye West couldn’t stay out of the news if he tried (although, we know he never would). The self-proclaimed genius and hip-hop icon is no stranger to headlines, and folks have gotten used to Yeezy stirring the pot throughout the years. Over the summer, news of his latest album and split with Kim Kardashian ripped up headlines around the globe. The latest news, however, is simple. Kanye West changed his name.

Yes, Kanye West has legally shortened his name to simply “Ye”, and we can’t say we’re tremendously surprised. The artist is continually going through changes and causing controversy, so this bit of news seems almost tame.

However, the move is so very Kanye, and fans & haters alike have taken to Twitter to speak their piece on the artist formerly known as Kanye West. We’ve gathered the best reactions below to help welcome Ye to the world.


Some people are congratulating Kanye West on his new name change. Opportunists, however, wonder who will pick up the name Ye threw to the curb. It’s available now right?

Kanye West is no longer, so who’s going to snatch up the moniker first? Sorry, Ye, finders keepers.

My turn

Other Twitter users were inspired by the massive name change by Kanye West. If he can do it, why can’t we?

Some people got creative while fantasizing about their prospective new names. Not this Twitter user, though.

This Twitter user has the right idea. We suppose “yerrr” is as good a name as any.


As much as some folks were stoked for Kanye West and his new name, others were flabbergasted by Ye coming into the world. This Twitter user was speechless.

This punny take on Ye ended with a silent phone line.

Haters gonna hate, it’s as simple as that.

Kanye West moves pretty quickly, and people are already talking about the new look accompanying the artist’s new name. Damn, Ye.

Finally, this Twitter user manages to take all of Ye’s recent changes with a bit of sweetness. We’re not angry, we’re just concerned.

What’s your favorite Ye album? Sound off in the comments below!

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