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Christmas is a time for cheer, but cynicism persists. Here are the best dark humor memes for the holidays.

Get through the holiday season with these dark humor memes

The holiday season is a dark time period for a lot of people. For those who aren’t on good terms with their family and people who have have tragic anniversary around this time, the holidays can be pretty bleak. 

The good news is now much of the world can join them in their misery because of the joy suppression of COVID-19. 🙃 See, there’s always a silver lining. Get through the holiday season with these dark humor memes. 

The pirate’s path to a Merry Christmas 

The holidays mean acceptable day drinking. For some, this is the best gift of all. 


You get an empty wallet for Christmas, dad. So proud of you for doing all your screaming internally

It’s not over until it’s over 

Some people will be very sorely disappointed at the New Year’s mark. 2021 does not actually promise an end to the madness that’s been going on in 2020. Rumor has it, 2020 is planning on refusing to concede the new year. 

Come again 

The scrooges and grinches of the holidays be like, “Would you like to make any more suggestions as to our overall attitude?” after crafting a shiv from a holiday treat. 


You thought all Disney characters were vegetarian? 

A Wayne family holiday gathering 

Hey, at least Batman will automatically be able to socially distance. Man, those wonderful silver linings just keep cropping up, don’t they? 

#Free the list 

Some naughty people have some naughty intentions for your naughty list, Santa. Things may have backfired on you a bit. 

Making the best of a tough situation 

Hey, all the cheesy school posters taught us that’s what persistence is. Let David try his best. He’s living his dream while socially distanced. 

What’s that? 

You’d like to go see the family you haven’t seen for an entire year? It looks like that’s not on the 2020 itinerary. Try again next year. 

The search results for holiday spirit this year

It’s nowhere to be found.

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