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Need some wholesome jokes to lighten the mood? These are the best funny and clean memes the whole family can enjoy together.

Family-friendly memes: These clean jokes are funny for everyone

The internet is a wild place. It’s a treasure trove for memes made to brighten your day. But while there’s some hilarious content out there, it’s not always easy to find memes that don’t have some adult language or lewd content. 

If you’re searching for safe memes to laugh at with your kiddos, you’ve come to the right place. You deserve to enjoy some internet comedy gems without having to worry about potentially scarring your children. Here are some hilarious memes that have our “kid-safe” seal of approval. 😄

Bubblewrap? Score! 

If you’re not the type to jump on bubble wrap, you’re seriously missing out. Not only are the pops satisfying, popping bubble wrap is stress-relieving! Sometimes bubblewrap is more fun than the package you ordered. Success kid expresses how awesome it is to receive the gift of bubble wrap. 

Silly kitty! Flowers aren’t food! 

This kitty looks seriously obsessed with these flowers. A kitten frolicking in a field of daisies sounds adorable but not when the kitten plans to decimate the flowers. Cats are so weird sometimes. We hope the kitty doesn’t have spring allergies.

Epic homework battle

Who doesn’t do this? Homework is boring! Why not spice up the learning process by making it sound epic? After all, working on math homework can be just as treacherous as a wicked light saber battle – it deserves the same soundtrack right?

Cookies > exercise

The cookie monster knows what’s up. Who needs fitness when there are cookies to eat? Okay, perhaps this isn’t the best image to show your kids – but who doesn’t want cookies 24/7?

1% battery mode is a beast

When you beg your electronics to hold on just a bit longer, they somehow have the will to endure. Unless your phone is a total wimp, you have to recognize its valiant efforts when it’s near death.


Caught: Cheeks fully loaded

Sneaking food isn’t easy – especially when you’re caught rooting through the fridge, stuffing food into your mouth. Odds are you look just like this very guilty looking chipmunk.

Foot gone static 

Don’t you hate it when this happens? This image captures exactly what it feels like for your foot to fall asleep. It’s as if the signal goes fuzzy and you have to stomp on it until it reconnects. Earth to foot – why do you do this to me?

Dreams of catching the mighty laser pointer  

Despite how fun it is to watch cats & babies chase after laser pointers, it’s a mission that they will sadly never succeed. But they can dream on – they just look to dang adorable going for it.

Dumb idiot brains 

Hey, just getting one right means you can’t call yourself a complete idiot. Especially if it’s the hardest one. Well . . . unless it was a lucky guess. Then you might just be stupid and an idiot.

Sheep: Earth’s barbers 

It may be hard to get a haircut for us during quarantine, but the earth gets free haircuts all the time from grazing animals – totally unfair!

Shopping cart stats

Um, there should be an “awesomeness” bar as well. I’d rank the last one as number one – it’s definitely the best cart for grocery store racing. You’ll look incredibly fly zipping around in that. Even if that means you can’t fit anything in it – just leave out the vegetables and prioritize cookies & cereal. That’ll do it.

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