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Thanksgiving is a dark day for turkeys. Indulge in some grim holiday spirit with these hilarious Thanksgiving memes.

Get a belly laugh from these Thanksgiving dark humor memes

Thanksgiving is already pretty dark this year since many families aren’t able to gather together in the middle of a pandemic. We hoped things would clear up by now, but at the same time knew this was a far-fetched hope. As we try not to sink down into a dark, holiday stupor it’s good to seek out humor to lighten the mood. 

As they say, laughter is the best medicine. These dark humor memes should do the trick. To put things in perspective, every Thanksgiving is dark for turkeys. They’re technically always running for their lives. So be careful, some of these dark humor memes might turn you into a vegetarian. 

Big bird day 

Does eating your fellow puppet count as cannibalism?  

Halloween’s over 

Hm. . . yeah, you turkeys better watch your back. 

A sinner prayer 

Thanksgiving dinner with the government is a rather unsavory affair. 

A harmonious existence 

Whoa. If that’s what the Coexist Movement is all about, we might have to rethink a few things.

A real Turkey Day 

We better hope the turkeys never climb up the food chain or because we know what’ll be on the menu.

A dour fortune 

Now that’s a slip of the tongue you don’t want to hear. 

He never suspected a thing 

Now that’s a different type of camouflage.

Family’s so important 

It’s a joy to have family around. As long as they’re not someone else’s. . . getting ready to devour you. 

Look on the bright side 

You can start emotional eating right away. 🙃 

Or a bad one 

It depends on what type of gobble you’re engaging in

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