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Who are we kidding? Everyone likes dark humor memes. Here are some of our favorite dark humor memes guaranteed to make us laugh.

Dark humor memes: Going to heaven isn’t an option if you laugh

Who are we kidding? Everyone likes dark humor memes. Because of our shared senses of humor, we’ve gathered our favorite dark humor memes for you to resist laughing at. Be sure to let us know your favorites down below.

Just don’t say a word . . .

Please exercise your right to remain silent.

That’s concerning.

He wants to be back there, right? Right?

That’s a fun character build

You have to have at least one dump stat

Who’s gonna tell them?

That’s uh . . . That’s a tough one. How do they handle this situation?

Poor baby . . . 

So, where do you stick the needle? Actually, we don’t wanna know.

It’s that simple?

Why did nobody tell us it’s that simple? 

Making reservations last minute is the worst.

If you make the reservations early enough, you might be able to get a good view.

Ouch . . .

Make sure it’s a higher SPF next time.


“Into the tomb”

Please tell me someone else noticed the “okay” in the back.

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  • omg these r healing awesome I’m litteraly number 7 rn

    February 3, 2021
  • Thank God. THE app is down and I had to lay some cables if you know what I mean…
    You helped me out in a tough spot, almost grabbed the shampoo bottle

    November 8, 2021

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