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Humans can have some pretty dark senses of humor. Dark humor is a way to cope with the world at large. Here are some dark humor memes.

No need to feel guilty: These memes with dark humor are definitely funny

Humans can have some pretty dark senses of humor. Sometimes, it definitely will make people uncomfortable, but most of the time the internet is like “we’re a cesspit of humanity so just enjoy the ride”. This sort of dark humor has, of course, spun memes around it. From jokes about depression to the weird way people react, these dark humor memes just prove that we’re a little twisted deep down.

Look at all the memes about the pandemic, after all. Dark humor is a way to cope with the world at large. The world seems to be more horrible than ever these days. So if you want some dark humor memes as dark as you can be sometimes, then here are some of our favorites.

1. Don’t tell people with depression this

Seriously, though, don’t tell people with depression to just “cheer up”. It doesn’t work or help. 

2. Make a Wish can’t grant every wish

You have to wonder how many kids actually asked Make a Wish to cure them. Or, like, does someone come and explain the sort of wishes you can make? Now we’re curious about procedure.

3. Listen we were all thinking it

Don’t get that shifty look! We all were thinking about it when the pandemic heated up.

4. W H Y? 

Believe or not. Cocaine and human ash look very, very different. So honestly, this is on the kids for not paying more attention during movies. 

5. Never the dog

People dying in movies? Fine. Dogs? Yeah, you better believe that we’ll riot.

6. When you let loose a dark joke in front of someone you don’t know yet

And then there’s that awkward 10 seconds where you wait and see how they react or if you have to play it off.

7. This has happened IRL

Listen. Sometimes when there’s an amputation like that? There’s two trips involved to the hospital. Sometimes you need to look for the limb.

8. Being full of memes and unresolved trauma

At the end of the day, aren’t we all full of memes and unresolved trauma? Like deep down? 

9. The only boys vs girls we’ll listen to

To be fair, our money is on the girls who know way too much about serial killers.

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