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Here's where we’d like to see 'Shadowhunters' head to in a future season 4. Dominic Sherwood back to playing normal Jace? Yes, please!

Dominic Sherwood: Everything we want to see in ‘Shadowhunters’ season 4

Season 3B has come and gone. Check out our predictions and yens for the season and any beyond below.

One of the most upsetting aspects of Shadowhunters being cancelled is that it was announced after what has undoubtedly been the most riveting, action-packed, and tumultuous set of episodes yet. Season 3A features the most confident storytelling we’ve seen in Shadowhunters and it pointed to a show with a clearcut future in which there’s a great wealth of narrative to still be explored within the Shadow World.

The first half of 3A really serves to highlight just how much potential for character development there is left in the show. It’s a huge part of why fans have so passionately continued their #SaveShadowhunters campaign months after the show was cancelled.

It’s got us to thinking about what we want to see happen in S3b (whenever Freeform finally decide to premiere it) but also what we want to see happen in a potential fourth season too. Here are some thoughts on where we’d like to see the plot and characters head to in the future – be sure to let us know your own hopes, ideas, and theories about where you see Shadowhunters heading next.

Malec need to figure out their future together

While we’re aware the timeline of the show means the narrative and the relationship between Magnus (Harry Shum Jr.) and Alec (Matthew Daddario) has been happening in a shorter time frame than is readily apparent to audiences, we’re an impatient lot and we want to see Malec figuring out their future together.

Basically it’s time to sh&^ or get off the pot, boys! Otherwise this relationship could be hurtling towards some seriously shaky ground. One of the things we love most about Malec is that they’re two very different people with different expectations for their futures.

The issues lie within the whole immortality versus mortality conflict alongside keeping their relationship solid and thriving while dealing with the plights of the Shadow World – something that has so far meant Magnus losing his position as High Warlock.

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In 3A we saw the two working to make a home together and enjoying the everyday comforts of shared domesticity. But we also saw the two deal with a myriad of traumatic and debilitating challenges that are bound to have a larger impact on them both as individuals – and by proxy, as a couple.

We’re eager to see the two having their relationship tested by these conflicts. It’ll be difficult to see them both struggle and suffer or for their love affair to be put in jeopardy, but that’s also how real life relationships roll, particularly in the beginning. They can require sacrifice and compromise, difficult conversations, and even periods of time away from each other.

In S3b we want to see the two develop as individuals and as a couple, which could require some messy revelations and major fallout – but also some epiphanies about what each wants from life and from each other. That’s a commitment conversation that could go either way.

In a potential fourth season we’d love to see the two characters being tested even further while maintaining the swoonworthy crux of their deep bond and romance. No matter the challenges, these two always find a way back to each other. We live for that shit and we want more of it.

Jace has a lot of repairing to do – as do the loved ones affected by his possession

Holy sh$%, ladies and gentlemen. It all got a bit nuts there in S3A, didn’t it?

The fallout from Jace’s (Dominic Sherwood) possession has included a violent and emotionally manipulative showdown with Simon, the near fatal battle between Alec and Jace, and him accidentally being responsible for Clary’s (Katherine McNamara) death. (She’s totally fine though, right? Though surely a little pissed off.)

Though we saw Jace eventually break through and escape the demon taking control of him, we’re anticipating some heavy issues of trauma for the character in S3b – not just for the pain he’s unwittingly caused but also for his lack of agency in committing such heinous acts.

How does anyone (including a tough expert Shadowhunter) come back from that? Particularly when the Parabatai has been severed for so long. There’s a long road ahead in Jace and Alec not only rekindling their bond, but also their trust.

With all the drama and hurt surrounding their respective relationships with Clary and Magnus (on top of everything else), the two arguably need each other more than ever – and yet we might just see them struggling to reconnect like they used to in S3b.

What this storyline also suggested is how compelling (if difficult) it is to see this extended chosen family fractured in such a way. We’re used to seeing each respective character having their strength, bonds, loyalties, and power tested, but it’s unusual to see such challenges on this large a scale and impacting so many people at once.

In pulling the core characters apart in this way, the show underlines just how deeply rooted the emotional, mental, and physical connections shared by all of these characters are while also raising the stakes on their own perspective life goals and values.

In a fourth season we’d love to see the characters tested even further. As a show that celebrates the power of family, we’re captivated by the idea of Shadowhunters further exploring how weak each character can become without the infrastructure of the people they love and trust most.

There are some interesting directions the narrative could go from this stepping stone and all of them offer some high drama, big emotions, and tear-baiting reunions that we’re all for seeing.

Sizzy needs to step up and get real about their relationship

We’re major shippers of Simon (Alberto Rosende) and Izzy (Emeraude Toubia) and we just want them to stop f#$%ing about and make this romance a reality. He sure needs someone in his life to help support him during this difficult period of assimilation he’s still dealing with (particularly following Raphael’s departure) and Izzy has always been there for him as a great friend.

Friendship is great and their platonic vibe is all good with us. But we still crave more from the two and think S3b is a great time to start laying the groundwork for a solid romantic bond for the two. Don’t get us wrong – we’ve been loving the slow burn chemistry that’s been developing between them over the past few seasons. It’s been necessary and it’s been a breath of fresh air to enjoy.

But Simon needs an anchor in his life as the story moves forward and Izzy could provide exactly the resource he needs. We don’t want anything terribly full on in S3b – but a heated, passionate kiss between the two that makes them question their current status as just good friends would be enough to satisfy us. For now.

A fourth season is where we’d ideally be looking for the relationship to be better developed romantically. The two characters deserve the time for this love affair to be crafted well and with depth and S3b just isn’t going to be able to offer enough time to fully do that plotline justice.

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