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The ShadowFam organized a rewatch of season 1 across various streaming platforms. Here are some of the best hot takes on S1 of 'Shadowhunters'.

Everything we learned from the ‘Shadowhunters’ season 1 rewatch

As they continue to preach the good gospel of the #SaveShadowhunters campaign, the ShadowFam have been organizing a rewatch of S1 of the show across various streaming platforms. It’s been a great way for fans to reconnect with the show and delve back into the humble beginnings of Shadowhunters.

But it’s also provided an opportunity for those who haven’t seen Shadowhunters to start – with the helpful accompaniment (and encouragement) of some live tweeting from the world’s biggest (and wittiest) superfans of the show.

Here are some of the best hot takes and observations on S1 of Shadowhunters worth keeping in mind for your own rewatch (or first watch) of the show.

It’s emotional from the get-go

Revisiting S1 (particularly in the middle of the fight to save the show) is proving to be a total feelings fest. As @wecantlosethem stated about their rewatch experience, “Monsters has just started playing and I’m already crying. Help.”

Also worth adding: Shadowhunters before “This is the Hunt” is weird AF.

The burgeoning sisterhood between Izzy and Clary starts early

It’s cute AF and probably one of our favorite parts of S1. As most fans seem to agree, we need more Clizzy scenes that harken back to the close, supportive friendship they rocked in S1.

In general, everyone seems to miss S1 Izzy

It’s not just how pronounced her sisterhood with Clary was in S1 that fans seem to miss. It’s also her overall S1 vibe – right down to her costumes.

Izzy’s always badass and a total slay of a shadowhunter, but there was something altogether more killer about her in S1 that we can’t help but pine for looking back.

Magnus kind of has a (big lovely) dirty mouth

Seriously, so much of Magnus’s S1 dialogue just reels off like an endless set of saucy innuendos.

It’s a serious problem: Once you become aware of it, everything sounds filthy

Try not to enjoy any generous mouthfuls of a delicious beverage during your S1 rewatch because you’ll inevitably stumble upon one of these suggestive lines and proceed to spit your damn drink out everywhere.

Malec was always straight fire

Even before they’d officially crossed the border into the bone zone, there are so many small adorable details to be found in S1 that Malec has always been a thing. Just look at Alec’s little face!

In fact, S1 is a damn storm of Malec feelings

To successfully make it through S1 without catching Malec’s chemistry and combusting into flames, you’re going to need a gigantic bag of ice to keep the heat down.

Oh, and the biggest box of tissues you can find to mop up all the damn feelings you’re going to catch from the couple during the infancy of their bond.

Magnus had no idea what was to come for him

Oh Magnus, you sweet naive baby angel.

And neither did Alec, by all accounts

It for sure goes both ways. Magnus could have never foresaw himself willing to put his own life at risk to save Alec and Alec could have never foresaw himself diving head first into a Downworlder’s thirst trap after throwing such shade at their “impulse control”.

Alec’s S1 look was a big mood

He looks like he’s been dragged through a hair gel factory while sucking on a raspberry ice pop.

Simon is salty AF in S1 (and we’re living for it)

It’s not that Simon has somehow lost this side of himself, but in S1 he was so salty that he could have killed a family of slugs simply by looking at them. (It’s science – look it up!)

Clace’s training sessions are full of bright, shining symbolism

Ugh . . . because their lust for each other burns bright and hard and hot? Let’s go with that. Whatever the reason, random glowing shit is a thing whenever Clace get handsy in the name of “training”.

Everyone was kinda shady about Clace discovering they’re “siblings”

Would it really have been so hard for everyone to show at least a little bit of compassion for their plight? At least crack open a few “sorry your lover is actually family” commiseratory drinks and a five gallon bucket of ice cream to help them get over it.

But no, everyone’s legit gleeful and smug about it all instead and it’s shady AF!

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