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Women in TV have been on fire lately. Here’s our ranking of the strongest TV females in HBO’s finest shows. Let’s hear it for the girls!

'Supernatural' really is the show that everyone needs in their life and if you haven’t started watching it yet, you seriously need to. Here’s why.

Here are all the reasons why 'Money Heist' is the most addictive show on TV right now – and one you definitely need to get hyped for if

In celebration of the show successfully moving forward, it's time to look back and rank the best episodes of 'The 100' so far.

Tonight is the final 'Shadowhunters' episode. Here’s everything we know so far about the Malec wedding we’re all hoping for.

These are ten of the weirdest TV shows on Netflix that you definitely want to add to your watchlist, pronto.

Gary made his exciting, sassy return to 'Santa Clarita Diet' and his burial appeared to have done him wonders, loading him up with insight, wisdom, and a whole

As they continue to preach the good gospel of the #SaveShadowhunters campaign, the ShadowFam have been organizing a rewatch of S1 of the show across various streaming platforms.

When it comes to period dramas, we like them to be decadent, dirty, and utterly devastating. 'Versailles' is exactly that (and then some), so we were heartbroken to