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Calling all 'Euphoria' lovers – a trailer featuring the special episode about Jules has been released. Check out the sparkly new trailer here.

The ‘Euphoria’ special about Jules is coming: Everything to know

Calling all Euphoria lovers! The HBO series, Euphoria has just released the trailer for their second special episode, and it’s exploding with all our unanswered questions. 

Each special episode is co-written by Euphoria director Sam Levinson, who puts the audience right back into Euphoria’s world wrought with troubled teens and their dark storylines. 

Harper Bazaar reminds us that Euphoria was expected to bring back our favorite characters like Jules & Rue in season 2 early this year, but due to COVID-19, production couldn’t continue. The HBO series promised fans they would return to production and would be “back stronger than ever before”. 

What’s happening with Euphoria?

Although these “special episodes” were filmed within COVID-19 guidelines, they still have the same quality that season 1 provided. According to Collider, these special episodes take place between Euphoria’s season 1 & 2

The first special episode is a very personal episode, starring Emmy-winner Zendaya (Rue) alongside Colman Domingo (Ali). Euphoria’s episode 1, “Trouble Don’t Last Always”, was filmed during COVID-19 and explained everything after Rue’s recent letdown. 

Special episode 1 

The first special episode premiered on December 6th, 2020 on HBO Max. Rue (Zendaya) ends up relapsing and calling her beloved sponsor Ali (Colman Domingo) who dines with her during Christmas Eve. 

The episode starts with an imaginary scene depicting Rue & Jules (Hunter Schafer) in the city, but the rest of it follows Rue & Ali who spend time in a diner and merely talk. The diner duo have a deep chat about Black Lives Matter, her troubled family life, and what “cancel culture” really means in today’s society. 

Euphoria’s first special episode tackled Rue’s addiction in a very cinematic way, and by the end of the episode she’s introduced to a new way of thinking about the challenges of life. We only hope she can overcome her drug-addiction and start leading a clean lifestyle and heading in the right direction. 

Special episode 2? 

With Euphoria’s special episode 1 delighting everyone, fans are naturally eager to see the next. Euphoria recently revealed the second episode’s trailer, and yes, it’s all about Jules

According to Rolling Stone, the second special episode, “F*** Anyone Who’s Not a Sea Blob” or “Part 2: Jules” follows Jules after she runs away from Rue & her home. 

In the trailer, Jules tells a mysterious person: “Rue was the first girl who didn’t just look at me. She actually saw me.” So Euphoria fans are wondering who the damaged character is talking to, and more importantly, why did Jules choose to leave Rue at the end of season 1? 

Vulture reported that all our questions will be answered with HBO Max on January 22nd, but it can also be viewed on HBO on January 24th. 

The one thing we do know is that Euphoria’s second special episode will feature Billie Eilish & Rosalia’s new song “Los Vas A Olvidar”, as it plays softly during the trailer and alongside Jules’s monologue.

Last time we saw Jules

Euphoria’s Jules, played by Hunter Schafer, is the ex-girlfriend of Rue, and with the help of the recent trailer, we follow her story after leaving Rue. Schafer expressed to EW: “I was really made at Jules for that. You don’t leave your friend-slash-lover alone in a train station at 1 am.”

Hunter Schafer explained her character’s actions to EW: “At the same time, she’s (Jules) has been through this crazy sh** and she needs to get out. I know where that all is coming from. She felt really stuck and Nate (Jacob Elordi) has been manipulating her and forcing her literally to do crime. And then Rue was sort of suffocating her. It was all too much.”

Euphoria’s special episodes can be found on HBO Max. Let us know what you’re most excited to see in the next Euphoria episode below. 

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