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'Euphoria' has taken HBO viewers by storm. Here are ten reasons to check the series out if you haven't already.

Sex, drugs, and glitter: 10 reasons to watch HBO’s ‘Euphoria’

Euphoria has taken the world by storm this year and it’s not hard to see why. HBO brought us Euphoria during the summer and we can’t get enough. With every episode, the series brings its audience more and more to celebrate, appreciate, and be educated on. The world around us isn’t picture-perfect, and neither is this show that attracts fans from all walks of life.

Euphoria has captured our attention and our hearts. It’s not hard to see why everyone is obsessed with the drama. Zendaya and the cast capture a very real and raw story, connecting teens everywhere who struggle with their own issues. What’s come as a surprise are the older generations joining on the Euphoria love as everyone shares stories from their own lives. 

A show such as Euphoria deserves a moment in the Film Daily spotlight. Here are our top ten reasons why you need to watch Euphoria immediately (if you haven’t already). Let us know your thoughts on the drama @FilmDailyNews with a reason why you watched Euphoria

1. Outstanding cast

Euphoria features a diverse cast filled with actors from a variety of backgrounds. TV shows are making strides with diverse casts lately, but Euphoria is making leaps and bounds. Zendaya leads the show with grace, style, and raw, powerful scenes to bring viewers to tears. This multicultural cast is a standout, an opportunity for those who don’t often get a public voice.

Hunter Schafer has made her breakout role one to remember in Euphoria. This transgender actress has provided a platform for those who don’t normally have a voice. 

The rest of the cast is no exception, Euphoria holding pride of place as many’s first breakout role. Barbie Ferreira, Sydney Sweeney, Alexa Demie, and Maude Apatow have captured the hearts of those watching. Keep an eye out for these young actors in the near future.

2. LGBTQ+ representation

As previously mentioned, Hunter Schafer has made her mark in her role as Jules Vaughn in Euphoria. Schafer has always been a model, but HBO’s Euphoria changed that. 

Euphoria is a groundbreaking LGBTQ+ show, but the producers’ focus isn’t on sexuality. These characters may form part of a community, but that isn’t what’s focused on. Nate and his father struggle with their sexuality, showing the reality of queer repression. 

3. This soundtrack is “All for Us”

Soundtracks are important and at times overlooked when it comes to a film or television show. The Euphoria OST has been on a loop for everyone who has watched the latest series. Labrinth and Zendaya collabed on a song named “All for Us”, featured during the last scenes we see of Rue and the show. 

A powerful scene such as this requires an epic accompaniment. “All for Us” is just that. The lyrics are so poignant and ring true for not only Rue but people watching from home. Zendaya is a woman of many talents and Euphoria is like her canvas, highlighting exactly why people are in awe of the performer. 

Labrinth released an album for Marcell Rév and it is powerful. “Still Don’t Know My Name” has been on repeat since its release. 

4. Raw & real

Euphoria is being praised not only for its representation but for the stories told during this season. The show portrays life as it is. Nothing is sugar coated and we see everything for what it is. Euphoria has managed to capture thousands if not millions of unheard stories and shared them in a way with which many identify. 

Even given the conventions of teen melodrama, overall Euphoria is grounded in reality. Even though the series is so much more than a teen angstagana, it portrays issues avoided by television. Teen angst has never felt better represented, and that’s all thanks to the team behind Euphoria

5. Cinematography

Marcell Rév is Euphoria’s cinematographer. He does an incredible job at capturing heart wrenching scenes. Drug trips have never looked so flawless, yet paradoxically utterly imperfect. Everything about each shot captures the character’s emotions and story. Rév’s godlike photography complements the stories.

6. Makeup & costume

Let’s be honest: this Halloween you wanted to dress as Kat, Jules, or Maddy. With great glitter comes great responsibility. Color is important throughout Euphoria (not just because of the drug trips) and that is shown through the makeup and costume. 

Euphoria’s clothes are unconventional and its makeup is bold. Individualism is embraced and celebrated. Euphoria doesn’t want its characters to blend into the background; instead, they’re loud and proud. Maddy is outfit and makeup inspo! The cast empowers viewers to go out and be bold themselves, not cower to expectations placed upon us by others.

7. Flaunt that imperfection

Nothing is without flaws. Euphoria may be a massive step forward for TV, but that doesn’t mean it’s picture-perfect. Some scenes come as a shock for those watching – some feel the show goes too far. 

Rue can only have so many issues being the protagonist; she seems to have every single problem. Teens being the target audience, it may not be entirely appropriate to subject those on the younger end to such hard-hitting, dark themes. There are other sides to that argument, however: subjecting teens to such subject matter may spark discussion about the dangers around them.

8. 10/10 Acting

Zendaya. Hunter Schafer. Barbie Ferreira: these are just a few of the names of the cast who capture their characters with deep verisimilitude. Euphoria expertly cast each role and every story is told beautifully.

Zendaya provides much depth to her character, making the scenes of Rue slowly unraveling before our eyes heartbreaking. Hunter has no acting experience. Does it show? It doesn’t, and we’re all the more mesmerized. The adults in Euphoria follow suit. Eric Dane is a perfectly sinister villain during S1 of Euphoria. Playing the father of Nate (Jacob Elordi), Eric manages to terrify audiences.

9. Uniquely and utterly individual

All the above components highlight just how different Euphoria is to other teen dramas currently on TV. This isn’t just another teen show; it breaks conventions with its unique style and plot, giving it the rare quality of portraying life as it is, as teenagers know it. Euphoria offers an honest depiction of life in 2019 for those teenagers whose voices are oppressed by those around them. Uniqueness is celebrated.

10. Pushing boundaries

Yes, Euphoria is explicit. Sex, drugs, and a whole lotta glitter. Chemical use is shown in its most raw form, sex is shown as it is in reality, but all with a pinch of sparkle. Controversy followed Euphoria as a result of this gritty portrayal.

Embracing all body types is a major theme of Euphoria. Barbie Ferreia’s character even dabbles with fetishes and brings those into her day-to-day life. This risqué material may be too much for some, but it goes to show Euphoria pushes boundaries. 

Make sure to add Euphoria to your watchlist if you haven’t already binged the entire season. While we await the 2021 release of season 2, we’ll simply have to tune out the world with the soundtrack.

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