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The perks of the newest flavor of Dr. Pepper include building points in their new rewards program. Is it worth it? Let the memes speak for themselves.

Why in the name of God is Dr. Pepper is making a chocolate flavor?

If any brand can push the boundaries in the carbonated soft drinks industry, it’s Dr. Pepper. Dr. Pepper, a brand of Keurig Dr. Pepper Inc, has been around since 1885. Now, in 2021, it’s refuting all your conventional ideas about soda. Did you grow up choosing between soda water or a chocolate milkshake, because who could have both? You may no longer have to make that tough choice. 

In a new limited-edition release, Dr. Pepper Fantastic Chocolate brings the flavor of chocolate to your soda bottle. The new product uses the twenty-three flavors of Dr. Pepper, the classic ones & then mixes them with chocolate. 

Dr. Pepper tweeted this announcement, “‘Soda can’t be chocolate-flavored,’ said no one at Dr. Pepper. Sign up for Pepper Perks at to start earning points toward this limited edition, FANtastic flavor.” In fact, on their official Twitter handle, they’ve changed their bio to, “Everyone loves Dr. Pepper. Everyone loves chocolate flavor. That has got us thinking.”

flavor of dr pepper

How can you get your can of Dr. Pepper chocolate flavor?

All good things come in small packages, it’s said. While we’re still unsure of how good this is, we do know this small batch of Dr. Pepper chocolate flavor isn’t going to be freely available in your local grocery stores or online retailers. 

Instead, the only way to get closer to the Dr. Pepper Fantastic Chocolate flavor is by signing up for Dr. Pepper “Pepper Perks” rewards contest. Any time you make a Dr. Pepper purchase, you can scan your proof of purchase & keep track of all those items as points that will keep collecting as your perks. When the Dr. Pepper Fantastic Chocolate flavor is available, you’ll be able to redeem your points for the drink. 

All this information has been shared by the soda company in a press release, “Dr. Pepper FANtastic Chocolate is a celebration of fandom and marks the introduction of the new Dr. Pepper ‘Pepper Perks rewards program.’ To access the limited-time offering, consumers must scan the proof of purchase QR code on Dr. Pepper purchases where they’ll be prompted to create a ‘Pepper Perks’ account.”

flavor of dr pepper

It adds, “Once fans earn a qualifying amount of points, they can redeem their purchase to receive the exclusive new flavor as long as it is available. Fans can also enter for a chance to win a trip to the College Football Playoff National Championship and redeem other Dr. Pepper branded gear designed to enhance the game day and cheer on our favorite college teams.”

As for the dietary information, you have 41 mg of caffeine, 150 calories, and 39 grams of sugar for each 12-oz can. Also, important to note, that this flavor is currently not available in diet or zero sugar, as clarified in response to a fan query by Dr. Pepper. 

Meanwhile, people have been yearning for some old limited edition flavors too. Dr. Pepper might hear you out. 

Some skeptics have shown apprehension about this flavor for a soda. We’ll have to see how it lands. 

Although, we have to agree that chocolate in a soda can doesn’t sit well with our instincts. 

Others are already lamenting their bad timing, having bought all Dr. Pepper before the eligibility period for the scan-reward begins. 

Some others have chosen to put faith in whatever Dr. Pepper has chosen to do, “This looks awful, but since it’s Dr. Pepper, it’s gotta be good.” Good call. 

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