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Spring has sprung, meaning Peeps have come out to play! Learn about their brand collaboration with Pepsi Cola and how you can snag their sweet new drink!

Pepsi Cola that tastes like Peeps? The story behind the weird flavor

It’s 2021, the pandemic still isn’t over, but hippity-hoppity, Easter is still on its way. Besides chocolate bunnies and dyed eggs, this season is known for the world’s most polarizing candy: Peeps. These marshmallows covered in neon sugar and shaped like bunnies or chicks are either loved or hated – and there’s no in-between. 

Now, Pepsi wants in on the Peep action, as they’re manufacturing a cola that tastes like marshmallow and is branded with bright Peeps yellow called PEPSI x PEEPS. Pun fans, shake your heads in disappointment that marketing didn’t go with “Peepsi”. Peep haters, pucker your faces in disgust! 

Peep peeps, on the other hand, can chirp with excitement and dig into all the sugary spring goodness about where you can find Pepsi’s latest cola, and how they can pick up a case for your Easter basket! 

Not Peeps’ first partnership

Peeps is no stranger to branding collaboration. They’ve partnered with so many brands, we’re surprised they didn’t let Malcolm in the Middle use their name in the episode where Francis bets he can eat 100 marshmallow “peeps” and keep them down. Then again, we can see why PR at Peeps would say that’s a bad idea. 

“The Peeps brand always finds great joy in teaming up with partners to bring our beloved Marshmallow flavor to fans in new and exciting ways, which is why we’re thrilled to collaborate with Pepsi on this limited-edition PEPSI x PEEPS beverage leading up to the Easter holiday”, Peeps brand manager Caitlin Servian explained. 

Besides creating a cola with Pepsi, Peeps has collaborated with International Delight to produce a Peeps coffee creamer, Kellogg’s for a cereal (hold the crustaceans, please), and another product people love to hate: Crocs. 

The Nickelback of shoes, these plastic clogs still have a fanbase even though everyone you’ve met and their brother declares they wouldn’t be caught dead in ‘em. Possibly feeling the brand’s pain – as they, too, have vocal haters – Peeps reached out to create a line of brightly colored shoes and Peeps attachments coated in a “sugar-like texture reminiscent of the marshmallow candy” per Pop Sugar

These loud, blinding shoes were brought to you in 2020 when the news was eclipsed by a global pandemic and a show about tigers & meth. Little did you know, you could stroll around your garden or show off your Crocs & Peeps pride while on lockdown thanks to the power of social media. That said, Peeps decided to partner with a less wearable brand this year, namely Pepsi Cola. 

How can we snag Peeps Pepsi? 

We have some sad news for Peeps enthusiasts about this cola. First, though we still stand by our “Peepsi” suggestion, Pepsi decided not to run with it. If that doesn’t make you sad enough, we have worse news. If you want to head down to your grocery store or include Peeps Pepsi Cola in your weekly online grocery order, you’re out of luck. The marshmallow-flavored goodness isn’t available in stores. 

Instead, Pepsi Cola has decided to pull a Willy Wonka and make peeps fans enter a sweepstakes to win the coveted, limited-edition soft drink. In order to win your “golden ticket” – precisely three cans of Peeps cola sans Pepsi branding in three different colors – you have to whip out your Peeps on social media. 

Peeps the candy, of course! Seemingly in an effort to ensure we’re still social distancing and staying at home while vaccines are being rolled out (and still keeping your “peeps” six feet away or more), you should post a picture of yourself at home chilling with your marshmallow Peeps. Pop Sugar further detailed you’ll need an Instagram or Twitter and tag @pepsi, #HangingWithMyPeeps, and #PepsiSweepstakes. 

The sweepstakes kicked off on March 25th. Not only will you be eligible to win Peep’s marshmallow cola, but ten lucky winners will receive a grand prize full of PEEPS x PEPSI marshmallow cola swag. 

Does it taste good? 

There’s the big unknown. Since Pepsi’s Peeps cola hasn’t been released yet, and no lucky sweepstakes winners have weighed in, we have no clue whether this Peeps collaboration will be any good. Since it’s a cola and not the marshmallow animals doused in colorful sugar, it might taste different than the Peeps their fans know & love. 

Either way, we believe a collector’s item or three are certainly hoppin’ down the bunny trail for Peeps lovers to enjoy. If we ever snag a case, we’ll let you know how it tastes! 

Do you love or hate Peeps? Are you planning on entering Pepsi’s sweepstakes for a case of marshmallow cola? Let us know in the comments! 

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