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Want to keep your guests safe and socially distanced? Learn how creating a contactless check-in with QR codes can help you!

How to make a contactless check-in for events using QR codes

Contactless check-in at many events, hotels, casinos, and resorts has surged in the wake of COVID-19, as a way to curb down human interactions and minimize the use of tangible materials that may be infected and contaminated with the virus, and thus potentially be passed on to another person.  

Moreover, this also lessens the long process of filling-out forms by automating the check-in system through the use of QR codes.  

To eliminate these safety threats brought on by the pandemic and to ensure that guests feel safe and comfortable during their stay, safety protocols and measures, such as contactless check-in via  QR codes, have already been practiced and observed in many commercial establishments.

What is a contactless check-in? 

A contactless check-in is an upgraded version of the traditional check-in process that is normally used in hotels, events, and casinos. Instead of using the traditional pen and paper approach to writing in forms, technological means, such as the use of an online survey forms, like Google Forms, are integrated. 

Today, hotels and restaurants incorporate the contactless check-in in their establishments with the use of a Google Forms QR code

How to make a contactless check-in form using a QR code generator online: A step-by-step guide

  1. Create your contact form first (via Google Forms, Microsoft Forms, or any other survey form company)

Google Forms are one of the easiest ways to create your contactless check-in forms. However, you can use other survey forms provided by other companies.

But to keep it simple and easy, Google Forms is one of the most popular and quickest ways to generate your QR code for a contactless check-in. You just need to have a Gmail account to get started creating your own Google Forms spreadsheets.

After that, all you have to do is type in the necessary data that you want to collect from your guests, such as their name, contact address, email address, time of visit, number of people checking in, etc., and you’re done!

  1. Copy the URL of your Google Form

Assuming that you’re already done with making your contactless check-in form via Google forms, just copy the URL of your Google Form and paste it into the QR Code Generator online. 

  1. Open a QR code generator online
  2. Paste the URL into the “URL” menu
  3. Choose “dynamic” when you generate your QR code

Once you have already copied the URL of your contactless check-in form into the QR code generator online, generate it by selecting the Dynamic QR Code, that way you can edit your form QR code just in case you made a mistake or need to change some of the information. This also helps to avoid the pixelation of your codes. 

Then click the Generate QR Code button.

Benefits of contactless check-ins using QR codes 

  • It saves time for both guests and staff, and alleviates the guests’ experience
  • Automates the check-in process
  • QR codes are accessible using smartphone devices  
  • Ensures safety for both workers and guests
  • QR code are easy to generate and implement
  • Guests can check-in anytime 
  • It is an excellent marketing tool to entertain the guests by the QR code’s ability to hold different content types.


With rise of COVID-19 cases throughout different communities today, and the recent trend towards the automation of information collection, the use of contactless check-ins through online forms, like Google Forms, QR codes have become a helpful tool to flatten the infection risks in society. 

And for business establishments to effectively deliver a seamless contactless check-in measures, the use of a QR code generator with logo, like QRTiger, can help them start providing pandemic–proof business operations. 

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