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Dying for some utterly decadent chocolate desserts? Drool over these four masterpieces of chocolate from around the US.

These insane chocolate desserts will leave you drooling

Chocolate desserts, the great unifier of the world. Many people love chocolate (unless you’re a heathen that doesn’t like chocolate) in its myriad of forms from chocolate ice cream to chocolate bars to chocolate cake. There’s many, many ways to enjoy chocolate. While many restaurants are having to keep things safe due to COVID-19, it means people are cut off from some truly delicious chocolate desserts.

With this in mind, we have found some of the most insanely decadent chocolate desserts out there for you to try. If you live too far away, then you can drool over the pictures. And if you live close by, why not see if you can get these chocolate desserts delivered to your home? 

The Georgetowner — The Grill Room, Washington, DC

Politics aside, the U.S. capitol has some really great food. One of the best is the chocolate dessert known as “The Georgetowner”. Be sure to wipe your drool because this sounds divine. Picture a dark chocolate torte with cocoa-nib marshmallow, milk-chocolate Bavarian, Caramelia namelaka (a type of custard), rice krispies, and buttered popcorn ice cream.

Yes please. This dessert sounds like something utterly divine. We’re definitely in need of this in our mouths and stomach ASAP. Also popcorn ice cream? Sounds delicious, and we’re ready to dive into this chocolate dessert. We’re also super curious about trying some namelaka.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Mousse — BLT Steak, Atlanta, GA

What automatically makes chocolate desserts a million times better? You add some peanut butter in it! Mousse is basically light fluffy airy-ness with a delicious flavor that melts in your mouth. And oh boy, a good chocolate mousse sounds simple on the surface but nailing that texture? It’s an endless war for any chocolate lover. You need the fluff but don’t want to make it too airy, you know? 

If you can get to BLT Steak in Atlanta, then you definitely need to try to their peanut butter chocolate mousse. Because, as Reese’s taught us, nothing goes together better with peanut butter than chocolate. And, yes, we’re throwing shade at jelly here. A new flavor thrown into the mix is that dollop of banana ice cream plopped on top of on the chocolate dessert. Elvis would be proud. 

Sweet N Salty Pie — Royer’s Round Top Cafe, Round Top, TX

This Texan confection will make your inner child squeal in delight while the adult you will probably regret it in the morning. But, hey, what can be done? The Sweet N Salty pie sounds that good. The pie starts with a lard crust filled with a chocolate cookie batter mixed with caramel chips and chocolate chips. A sprinkle of sea salt adds that saltiness to the chocolate. Because salt makes chocolate better.

If you want to cut that sweetness, then be sure to get it with a scoop of ice cream. If you know about Goldbelly, then good news! You can order the Sweet N Salty pie online to be delivered to your house. Just be sure to follow the instructions to enjoy it at its best.

24 Layer Chocolate Cake — The Striphouse, New York, New York

Welcome to the richest, most overwhelmingly decadent chocolate dessert that will ever touch your lips. At the Striphouse in NYC, you’ll find their 24-layer chocolate cake. That’s right: 24-layers. Here’s how it goes with this chocolate cake: 12 layers are moistened with vanilla syrup, 11 with chocolate custard. Finally, you top things off with a rich chocolate ganache. 

What makes it so rich? Specialty cocoa imported from Spain and freshly brewed Sumatran coffee that goes into the batter. Coffee, as many chefs now, only serves to make chocolate make chocolate-y. This chocolate dessert is the premium of all chocolate desserts. You owe it to yourself to try it out once in your lifetime. 

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