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Not addicted to Disney? Luckily there are cheaper platforms to watch your favorite shows. Check out why you don't actually need a Disney Plus account.

Do you *really* need a Disney Plus account? Why it isn’t worth the price

In a culture dominated by streaming platforms, it’s rare for a new one to get some tangible buzz. Disney Plus was the first new platform to be considered front page news since Netflix changed the content game. But what is it you really get with a Disney Plus account?

A Disney Plus account will get you a lot of content, there’s no doubt about that. However, you have to wonder what you’re really getting with the streaming giant and what you’re paying for it.

What you give

A Disney Plus account will cost a little under the standard price for a streaming service, if we’re weighing against the $8.99 per month price of Netflix. Disney Plus has been priced at $6.99 per month, but USA Today reported the price will increase to $7.99 by March, and one can only imagine that this number will increase as the years rage on.

Monthly prices add up, and we have to wonder what it is you actually get with a Disney Plus account. Is it really worth the $69.99 per year price?

Assuming you’re the one to foot the bill for your Disney Plus account, and you don’t have kids, the streaming service may not be worth it for you. Most of the Disney Plus catalogue is content for kids: archived movies & shows from the vast history of the brand. We may want to check in on films from our childhoods, but such a childhood is a ten to fifteen year span of films for a brand that stretches back over half a century.

What you get

But what about the Marvel Comic Universe? What about Star Wars? What about Baby Yoda?? (We can feel your panic, dear reader). Sure, all of these are at your fingertips with a Disney Plus account, and The Mandalorian is exclusively linked to the streaming platform.

However, these popular baits for prospective Disney Plus users aren’t all exclusive to the service; you can rent the Star Wars films on Amazon, along with most MCU movies. Some of them are available on other subscriptions you may have, like Black Panther on Hulu.

So let’s say you don’t want to rent all the MCU movies and that it makes more sense to stream them all on your new Disney Plus account. 

Okay, so you get your Disney Plus account and binge through all the MCU films, Star Wars, The Mandalorian, and all your fave nostalgia films that you already have on VHS in your mom’s basement. That took about two months. Now, what? How often will you use your Disney Plus account?

You get what you pay for

We can’t sell Disney Plus too short. There’s more than content for kids, the MCU, and Star Wars. The service also boasts all thirty seasons of The Simpsons. However, this too ain’t exclusive; Hulu has many seasons, and Amazon has them all. What about the future of Disney Plus?

Streaming services like Netflix & Hulu add fresh releases each month, new & old, to spice up their platforms and give its users new content to stream. There’s no doubt that a Disney Plus account will get you any new Pixar film to come out in the foreseeable future, but what else will freshen the platform? One can only assume Disney Plus will be extremely limited to its partnered companies for any new content on the site.

Yes, Marvel will continue to pump out movie after movie until we’re all dead & gone, but it’s unlikely there’ll be a stream of new titles for adults to view with each passing month on the platform.

If you’re debating whether or not to get a Disney Plus account, consider the following: this isn’t your typical streaming site. If you’re not into content directed toward children, MCU & Star Wars notwithstanding, it might not be the streaming service for you. If you’re a Disney head, no doubt you’ve skipped this article on your way to another Aristocats rewatch.

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