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A grand addition to the Netflix library, 'Bridgerton' will arrive on Christmas day. Watch the latest 'Bridgerton' trailer.

Is Netflix’s ‘Bridgerton’ the new ‘Sanditon’? Check out the new trailer

Devoted Sanditon fans aren’t losing hope the curtailed Jane Austen series will one day be picked up again by some gracious studio (we’re looking at you Amazon). But in the meantime, we’re longing for a series to soothe our aching hearts. Could Netflix’s Bridgerton be the one? 

A grand addition to the Netflix library, Bridgerton will arrive on Christmas day. A historical drama shining a light on high society, the eight-part series looks like a gift indeed with elegant bows & sparkles – just waiting to be unwrapped. 

Will Bridgerton be a classy Austen-esque affair, or a wilder derivative of the period drama genre? Maybe we’ll be pleased with a tasteful mix of both. Here’s how we predict Netflix’s Bridgerton will compare to PBS Masterpiece’s Sanditon

Bridging the gap

Living on in the wake of Sanditon season 1 for over a year now, fans of the series must embrace opportunities to get their period drama fix. (The future of Sanditon is still up in the air, so who knows how long we’ll be waiting.) Taking place in Regency-era London, Bridgerton could bridge the gap.

Bridgerton was created by Shonda Rhimes, who’s known for dramas like Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away with Murder. In fact, Rhimes signed an exclusive multi-year deal with Netflix where she’s been working on multiple projects including Bridgerton. While she’s new to the historical fiction scene, her fresh take could be the ticket to a superb series. 

Those who hold Sanditon dear because of the marvelous source content from Jane Austen should know that Bridgerton is based on Julia Quinn’s series of historical romance novels. While the modern author may not hold the esteem of the formidable Jane Austen, the allure of her best-selling stories can’t be discounted.

Seasonable story

From the looks of Bridgerton, the show definitely could serve as a Sanditon contender. The trailer flashes shots of exquisite costume design, stunning settings, as well as a diverse range of characters. Not to mention, the drama of “high society” with stunning balls & suitors seems to be central to the storyline.     

Of course, Sanditon fans must be intrigued by Bridgerton – both shows are lively period dramas following assertive young women navigating high society. (Plus they both end in “ton” so that’s gotta have some kind of subconscious parallel.) 

Not to mention, Bridgerton does introduce a powerful, older woman named “Lady Whistledown” who likes to pull strings – not unlike Sanditon’s Lady Denham. According to Independent, Lady Whistledown is “an anonymous Gossip Girl-esque figure who produces pamphlets about the scandals emerging in the city.” Even more exciting, the voice belongs to Hollywood queen Julie Andrews.

However, Bridgerton likely won’t be the conventional period drama you’d expect. Independent claims the show will be “a lot more radical”, branching out with a racially diverse cast and diving into “ideas such as female sexuality and masculinity.” 

Who to ship?

If Bridgerton is to stand a chance at measuring up to Sanditon, the new Netflix show will have to provide us with heart-pounding relationships and characters with chemistry. 

Sanditon’s central romance, Sidney & Charlotte (aka Sidlotte), makes fans feverish with envy – we can’t stop rewatching them kiss, dance, talk, or just look into each other’s eyes. The passion will redden your cheeks – especially if you take a gander at Sidney shirtless, revealing the allure of heartthrob Theo James.    

So who can we ship in Bridgerton? The primary love interest presented in the trailer appears to be the charming Duke of Hastings Simon Basset played by Regé-Jean Page. Let us say – Bridgerton already nailed it with a tall, dark, and handsome man to make us swoon. 

Our protagonist Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor) is the eldest daughter of the revered Bridgerton family and is finally making her debut in London’s marriage market. As her story tangles with Simon Basset, the two seem to strike a deal to “fake it till you make it” – a trope not uncommon in the romance genre. 

Will the two measure up to Sidlotte? It’s hard to say before Bridgerton has debuted, but we have high hopes we’ll be enchanted by Daphne’s story of self-discovery and her venture into love. 

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