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Key political figures in modern English history appear in season 4 of 'The Crown'. Here are the hilarious tweets reacting.

‘The Crown’ season 4: The funniest tweets taking on the new season

On Nov. 15th, season four of Netflix’s The Crown debuted. Fans of The Crown were highly anticipating this season as key political figures in modern English history are introduced this season including the first female prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, and Princess Diana.

Prince Charles, who is currently shrouded in scandal & controversy, also has an important role this season. Fans of the series took to Twitter, expressing their thoughts on this season with some hilarious tweets. Here are some of the funniest tweets about season four of The Crown

Diana’s inevitable fate

The world still remembers the tragic day of Princess Diana’s death. While her addition to the show is a welcome one, The Crown viewers understand what will inevitably happen to her character. Viewers are already preparing to cry in front of the fireplace like a heartbroken Timothee Chalamet. 

Hate for Prince Charles

Prince Charles has made recent headlines after accusations came out against him for his alleged involvement in Jeffrey Epstein’s sex-trafficking crimes. While The Crown is a historical drama, Charles wouldn’t have been involved with Epstein at the time the show takes place, people still can’t forget what’s happening with him now. 

Why is Charles surprised?

Princess Diana was twenty years old when she married Prince Charles. He shouldn’t be surprised when the twenty-year-old acts like a twenty-year-old. 

So that’s why Meghan Markle left

Some viewers are pointing out similarities from how Princess Diana & Meghan Markle were treated by the royal family. It now makes sense for many why Meghan decided to take her man & child and skedaddle. 

We stan Meghan

This quote from The Crown emphasizes why it must be challenging for any woman to marry into the royal family. Meghan Markle & Prince Harry may have made the right decision when they chose to leave. 

Margaret Thatcher gives no f’s

Thatcher was a tough cookie. Maybe you disagree with her politically, but she stood her ground whenever she was confronted by the royal family or Parliament. She certainly could care less about being liked by the royal family. 

Prince Andrew’s scandalous scene

The scene where The Queen confronts Prince Andrew about his behavior had people talking. This tweet captures how audiences may have reacted while watching the scene.

Princess Anne stans

Princess Anne is a fan favorite for many of The Crown’s viewers. This user is going a bit far with their fandom towards the princess, but some people will do what it takes to show their support. 

Learning about history

The Crown is a truly fascinating series that makes viewers read up on their British history to see how much of the show is historically accurate. There is so much information to consume that fact-checking the whole show will take a long time. 

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