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Need something fun to listen to when you binge podcasts? Tune in for these excellent series to give your ears a treat.

Cure your boredom with these fun podcasts

Are you struggling to find something to do this fall? Fear not! We’re here with three fun podcasts you should add to your listening list. Get out your headphones and check these shows out!

Me & AU

Ah, the heyday of Tumblr. The website was a place where people of all stripes met to celebrate their love of all things fiction before Instagram & Twitter exploded. Who can forget SuperWhoLock, after all? Well, the Procyon Podcast Network certainly didn’t, and it definitely looks like Tumblr was their inspiration for Me & AU as well.

Me & AU is about Kate Cunningham (username: ACunningPlan) who gets into a little Canadian show called Selkirk, partially to distract herself from her upcoming college graduation. When she gets into the small fandom, she meets another Selkirk stan with the username Hella_Enchanted. Friendship and eventual romance ensues.

Me & AU is interesting because the podcast truly captures the feeling of being in a fandom space in the 2010s & beyond. Kate makes posts about Selkirk and attracts the attention of Hella_Enchanted, and the two of them bond over their love of the show. Plus, werewolf theories bring them together, and what’s more awesome than that? 

If you like romance stories and remember your Tumblr days with fondness, Me & AU is definitely a podcast you have to check out.

Finding D.W.

After twenty-five years and over 250 episodes, the kids cartoon Arthur is finally coming to a close. The show leaves behind an impressive legacy, having taught multiple generations how to make friends, solve conflict, and be better humans.

Part of Arthur’s legacy is the title character’s bratty little sister, D.W. (Dora Winifred). She has been the subject of many memes & jokes about the show. After Canadian voiceover artist Jason Szwimer played D.W. on air, he set out to find the others who had voiced the character.

The result of his efforts is Finding D.W. Finding D.W. is a podcast where Szwimer interviews the seven people who played Arthur’s younger sibling, along with various other voiceover artists from Arthur and inspirations for the characters. Some of these episodes are exclusive to Szwimer’s Patreon, but many are publicly available for people to hear.

If you watched Arthur growing up and are curious about the behind-the-scenes process, definitely give Finding D.W. a listen.

Avatar: Braving The Elements

Many of us grew up watching Avatar: The Last Airbender. The Nickelodeon show from the late 2000s is about a boy tasked with saving a world of people with element-bending superpowers.

The show is widely regarded as one of the best animated series ever made, and when Avatar: The Last Airbender hit Netflix in 2020, a new audience was introduced to this classic series.

And now, there’s a podcast celebrating the series! Avatar: Braving the Elements is a collaboration between iHeartRadio & Nickelodeon, hosted by two actors from Avatar. Dante Basco, who voices Prince Zuko, and Janet Varney, who voices Korra in Avatar’s sequel series, The Legend Of Korra, lead the podcast. 

In this fun podcast, they break down Avatar’s moments, go behind the scenes with special guests, and overall have a good time reminiscing on this excellent show. If you haven’t watched Avatar: The Last Airbender, Braving the Elements is a great way to get introduced to the masterpiece. 

Have fun!

So there you have it – three fun podcasts for you to get into this fall!

What are your thoughts on this series? Did we miss your favorite one? Let us know what you think!

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