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#Bingewatch: your #TV #show guide for March 18th – 24th

‘Sup bingewatcher! Last week was absolutely crazy with some off-the-wall TV gems, a couple of returning classics, and whatever the hell Love, Death and Robots was. As we move deeper into 2019 and start to accept the swift passage of time and constant torment of our own impending morality, the TV season is really starting to heat up now networks are pulling out their big players.

Big-budget action thrillers like 9-1-1 are making their return this week, as well as some long-standing comedy faves, and some new contenders to the TV throne. We’ve got our eyes on The Village, which is shaping up to be every bit as emotionally draining as NBC’s previous winner, This is Us.

We’ve also got the Queen of indie science fiction, Brit Marling, making her return with The OA season 2, proving she’s truly the Captain Marvel of introspective, mumblecore sci-fi. Plus, we gotta talk about how Pretty Little Liars still won’t shut up and go away after all these years. Hey, maybe it’ll be a guilty pleasure to watch when Riverdale takes a break.

Check out our list below and mark your calendars, cause this week’s a doozy!

9-1-1 (Fox)

Original air date Jan. 3rd, 2018
Season 2 returns Mondays from Mar. 18th, 2019

This thrilling first-response drama led by a star cast that includes Angela Bassett (Black Panther) and Connie Britton (American Horror Story) successfully balances the intense and traumatic work by on-scene paramedics, police, and firefighters with their personal lives, family trouble, and romance, when they have time for it.

The Fix (ABC)

Airs Mondays from Mar. 18th, 2019

Yet another glossy crime procedural about a trouble protagonist with a haunted past, this time with some true-to-life inspiration. Here Robin Tunney portrays an LA prosecutor who moves to Oregon after losing a high-profile murder case. However, when the celebrity killer strikes again, she drops everything to prove herself capable and the offender guilty. Inspired by the author and prosecutor Marcia Clark, who led the prosecution in the infamous OJ Simpson murder trial.

The Jim Jefferies Show (Comedy Central)

Original air date June 6th, 2017
Season 3 airs Tuesdays from Mar. 19th, 2019

Loud-mouthed Australian comic Jim Jefferies offers a slightly more sordid alternative to John Oliver’s topical comedy show. Tackling all the world’s most controversial topics, Jefferies brings his sarcastic and informed perspective to the most touchy trending political issues.

Tosh.0 (Comedy Central)

Original air date June 4th, 2009
Season 11 airs Tuesdays from Mar. 19th, 2019

Delightfully low-brow comedy commentary show hosted by Daniel Tosh, who brings his signature dark sense of humor to fresh and funny takes on the latest internet trends, memes, and viral videos. Feel free to ignore this one if you’ve never been called a “millennial” in your life.

The Village (NBC)

Airs Tuesdays from Mar. 19th, 2019

The network’s first answer to This Is Us as reviews for the previously critically acclaimed misery machine finally start turning stale. In this new drama series, a tower block in Brooklyn offers microcosmic insight into city life, as a community of familes & friends build relationships and have their spirits tested by new arrivals and challenging revelations. Get ready for lesser-known stars suchs as Warren Christie, Moran Atius, and Michaela McManus to suddenly start guest starring on all your fave shows, as NBC could very well have another tear-jerking hit on their hands.

The Act (Hulu)

Available on Hulu from Mar. 20th, 2019

A new true crime anthology series teeters the line between effective biopic thriller and the definition of “too soon”. The first season is set to adapt the murder of Dee Dee Blanchard, who was murdered in 2015 by her daughter, Gypsy, after inflicting her with mental abuse and manipulation.

Originally outlined in the documentary Mommy, Dead and Dearest, this adaptation stars Patricia Arquette (Boyhood) and Joey King (The Conjuring), with supporting roles taken by Chloë Sevigny (Russian Doll) and AnnaSophia Robb (The Carrie Diaries).

Has every chance of portraying a complex crime with all the nuance of a trashy airport crime novel, so color us intrigued for how this turns out.

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists (Freeform)

Airs Wednesdays from Mar. 20th, 2019

Just when you thought it was over and all the loose ends have been tied up, the Rosewood girls are back two years later for another series of convoluted mysteries and a generous helping of steamy romance.

Featuring returning castmembers Sasha Pieterse and Janel Parrish, the series will be the second spin-off to the popular teen mystery series, and will follow three college friends keeping secrets and hidden identities from eachother in the aftermath of their seemingly perfect town’s first murder.

Step Up: High Water (YouTube)

Original air date Jan. 31st, 2018
Season 2 available from Mar. 20th, 2019

Duane Adler and Anne Fletcher’s Step Up series started all the way back in 2006 with Channing Tatum and, believe it or not, it’s still going strong. The series follows an ensemble of newcomers and talented dancers who attend the cutthroat Atlanta dance school, High Water. As they navigate the brutal world of modern performing arts they’ll have to make endless sacrifices as the class of potential stars realise how deep they’ll need to dig to make it to the big time.

Cardinal (Hulu)

Original air date Jan. 25th, 2017
Season 3 available on Hulu from Mar. 22nd, 2019

Canadian crime series from the thrilling saga of police procedural novels by author Giles Blunt. Police detective John Cardinal investigates the fictional city of Algonquin Bay with his partner Lise Delorme, with each season tackling a new horrific case. In his quest to keep peace, the troubled detective will descend into the underworld of drugs, trafficking, and even religious cults to unearth the truth beneath his unassuming town.

Delhi Crime (Netflix)

Available on Netflix from Mar. 22nd, 2019

Brutal true crime series based on the real investigation of a gang rape case in India that led to stricter laws allowing the voice of the victim to finally be heard. After two victims are discovered violently beaten on the side of the road, a ruthless District Commissioner assembles a team to find the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

The OA (Netflix)

Original air date Dec. 16th, 2016
Season 2 available on Netflix Mar. 22nd, 2019

The interdimensional mind-melter from longtime collaborators Brit Marling (Another Earth) and Zal Batmanglij (The East) finally returns for a follow up season almost three years after the show originally dropped.

Marling stars as Prairie Johnson, a young blind woman who remerges after a seven year disappearance. Now calling herself “The OA”, she’s sporting a pattern of scars on her back and her sight has inexplicably returned, though she refuses to cooperate with anyone outside of five specially chosen individuals whom she drip feeds information. After such a long wait, we’ve got a huge list of questions we’re praying get answered.

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