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In the Bingewatch Award for Best Series Finale of 2019, 'Shadowhunters' led with over 30,000 votes, while 'The OA' and 'Jane the Virgin' came in 2nd & 3rd.

Bingewatch Awards: Which show was the Best Series Finale of 2019?

The power of fandoms is one of the most impressive things on Earth – and we’ve seen this first hand with our Bingewatch Awards. Since the beginning of August, we’ve received a huge 532,385 votes – and counting! All the fandoms have made their voices heard about the shows they love so much.

We know you’re super anxious to find out who did come out on top – to see who took the crown. But no matter what the final result may be, the way all the fandoms came together over this poll should be honored. You fought tirelessly for your show to bring together something special, and for that we celebrate you.

In the Best Series Finale of 2019 award category, we saw Shadowhunters leading with over 30,000 votes. The OA and Jane the Virgin took home the awards for second and third places, respectively.

Congratulations to all the fandoms for all the hard work you put into voting. But the fight isn’t over – it’s just begun. We need to work together to fight in the real war. It’s us vs. them; we need to free our shows from the clutches of the powers that control them, and get them back on air. These results are not an end; they’re merely the beginning. Fandoms, are you ready to assemble? Who’s with us?

Here are just some of the reasons why the Shadowfam feels their show deserves the award for Best Series Finale of 2019.

The Malec wedding 

Before we said our tearful goodbyes, the Shadowfam rejoiced about the Malec wedding we all dreamed of. Regardless if you’re Malec trash or not, we dare you not to get emotional when watching the queer love story of our dreams joined in marriage. 

Not only is the ceremony beautiful and extremely emotional, it’s also a fantastic storyline for LGBTQ+ representation. Something that Shadowhunters has done so well is shining a light onto real issues using its fantasy lens. Magnum and Alec’s interspecies relationship reflects the issues still faced by interracial queer couples and teaches us that conquers all.

Katherine McNamara’s acting

Katherine McNamara brought amazing performances throughout the three seasons of Shadowhunters, but the finale has to be her greatest work. 

Seeing Clary’s realization that she would lose those she loves most breaks the heart of every member of the Shadowfam, including us! We even get to see Jocelyn in a brief return to warn Clary. Clary has to use the powers bestowed upon her in order to save those she loves, even against the wishes of the angels – a truly amazing sacrifice that’s heartbreaking to watch.

Katherine’s acting in these final scenes prevents any dry eyes in the house.

Clace forever!

Clace stans: don’t worry. Looks like Clary and Jace get their happy ending after all! Shadowhunters follows the romance between our very own Romeo and Juliet up to their very first meet-cute after Clary’s memories have been wiped. 

Lovesick Jace (Dominic Sherwood) even goes so far as to stalk Clary’s art show. (Yes, she’s a successful painter now.) He’s stoked to discover she retains some memories of him and the crew after she approaches him to ask how they know each other. In our minds, this interaction leaves the door open for Clary to return to the Shadow World and her gig as a Shadowhunter in S4 (that’s totally coming).

Izzy gets her happily-ever-after

Clizzy warmed our hearts when the pair decide to become parabatais. Having saved everyone, Clary faces forgetting the Shadow World – and that includes Izzy. All is not lost for Izzy, and Climon stans got to see Simon and Izzy happy together (finally)! 

That’s not all: we saw our favorites a year after Clary leaves the Institute. Izzy is now the head of the New York Institute. Seeing Izzy achieve her dreams and be the badass we all know and love gave the Shadowfam reassurance that their beloved Shadowhunter is living her best life. Shadowhunters throws many curve balls at our girlboss heroine – but seeing her achieve her goals in the finale was amazing. 

Everything about the finale leaves things open for S4

We have the Shadowhunters finale still in our minds, and Shadowhunters forever in our hearts. It’s no wonder fans think of its finale as the best of the year. Every character gets his or her own happy ending and the glimmer of hope for Clary also gives hope for the Shadowfam that we’ll be able to #SaveShadowhunters. Shadowhunters 4eva!!

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