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ASMR, short for Autonomous sensory meridian response, is the tingling sensation we feel in our head & neck. Watch these unusual YouTube videos now.

Get goosebumps when you watch these iconic ASMR YouTube videos

ASMR, short for Autonomous sensory meridian response, is the tingling sensation we feel in our head & neck. ASMR has quickly become a part of our zeitgeist — from being a niche YouTube corner to a mainstream meditative go-to for folks.

There’s much debate about whether or not ASMR is a pseudoscience. As the phenomenon gained widespread attention, researchers have been drawn to explore & understand why people are finding solace in hearing someone fold a napkin, or eat crunchy food. Neuroscientists are taking this exploration seriously, experimenting with fMRIs & electroencephalography to get to the root of ASMR’s charm.

So far, with the limited findings that we have, we can say ASMR appears to alleviate symptoms of stress, insomnia, and pain. There’s also speculation that ASMR impacts the production of oxytocin and other neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins. We also know that not everyone experiences ASMR similarly. 

ASMR and its many forms

People will often have different inputs that work for them to create this sensation. Some feel this tingling on having their back tickled, hair brushed, or when someone reads them a bedtime story. Yet others find chewing noises do that, or nature sounds — like water falling off a brook, or crunchy leaves getting ruffled under the feet, or the whistling of the wind. 

Lately, this sensation has been given a name, and YouTube has made it viral. So now you can get your kicks from turning on the video of the triggers that do it for you. Check out the following ASMRtists to find your perfect fit.

Tingting ASMR

With 1.83 million subscribers, the Tingting ASMR channel declares: “there’s a lot of stress in this world, I hope I can help you reduce some of it.” The videos uploaded by her run a range across makeup ASMR, hair-related ASMR, and even ASMR for people who don’t feel the tingle. 

In one of her latest videos, she creates ASMR through the visual medium aka by replicating an immersive makeup experience that feels like she’s drawing features on your face. In another, she does a Chinese herbal shop roleplay to replicate the calming aura of the place. 

A month ago, she wrote that she’s tired & has been on a hiatus since: “It’s my first time not uploading a video since I started my channel almost 4 years ago wow! And after making over 600 videos nonstop I’m just a little tired.” But we have plenty to feast on until she’s back.


With more than 3 million subscribers, Gibi ASMR is one of the most interesting ASMRtist out there. She brings you the best of both worlds: ASMR with your favorite fandoms. So you’ll see her pulling characters from Harry Potter or Nickelodeon, combining the fine art of roleplaying with ASMR

Often, she also ventures into other beats: cooking, replicating dental check-ups, and even career advice, including interviewing mock-ups. 

Gentle Whispering ASMR

Judge a book by its cover, because Maria Viktorovna, or the Gentle Whispering ASMR, does exactly what she promises. Her focus is completely on using her gentle whispers to alleviate some of the listeners’ stress. 

The channel introduction reads, “In this world of stress and chaos I wish my channel to be your secret island of relaxation and peace. I’m here to comfort you, to share my love and care with you, to make you feel relaxed and stress-free through creative and soothing videos.”

ASMR Darling

If you’re looking for a more informative ASMR experience, Taylor Darling takes you through the many triggers that could work for someone, ranging from ear to ear whisper, tapping, scratching, affirmations, compliments, roleplay, hair play, hair brushing, personal attention, close up, words, face touching, camera touching, microphone brushing. 

She also has lengthy videos that help you get familiar with the practice, rather than jumping right into it. 

Do you like ASMR? What are your favorite ASMR channels or videos? Let us know in the comments below! 

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