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Prince William and Kate are proving they’re trying their best to keep up with the present times. Why have they started a YouTube channel?

Prince William and Kate join YouTube: Are they abandoning royal duties?

Prince William and Kate are proving they’re trying their best to keep up with the present times, and in this case, it means hopping on to the Gen Z bandwagon and getting more involved in social media and online posting. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have recently made the big announcement today that the couple is going to begin sharing their lives through clips on YouTube. How exciting! Let’s look at the details here. 

Their big YouTube debut

Prince William and Kate Middleton shared this great news to the world by launching their own couple YouTube channel and even including a quick promo video to give people all around the world a small taste of what their video content was going to be like. The promo channel trailer was then shared on their Twitter account, with the simple caption: “We’re now on @YouTube!”

The exciting YouTube debut of both Prince William and Kate Middleton first began with the two sitting on a sofa. Kate wears a classy black turtleneck paired with black pants and small, gold hoop earrings, and Prince William wears a light-blue sweater with a white collar, and paired it with light brown pants. The video begins with a light and playful tone, showing off the couple’s joyful antics with one another. 

Prince William points at the camera in front of them and turns to his wife Kate, saying: “Be careful what you say now, because these guys are filming everything”, as he then motions to the people behind the camera. Kate then gives a wide smile and responds with: “I know”, then laughs. The short video then immediately transitions to a montage of activities the couple do together. 

The clips show off the couple attending a variety of events, from visiting Bhutan, to attending celebrity events, Kate trying a hand at archery, at children’s soccer events, volunteering and serving food to the less fortunate, and tons more activities. It especially shows off Prince William and Kate’s charitable work they’ve done in the past such as helping out schools or the less fortunate in plenty of ways. 

Aside from that, there are also plenty of clips in the montage that show Prince William and Kate just having plain fun. For example, in one shot, Prince William flies around a helicopter, and in another, Kate laughs as she shears a sheep while out on a visit to a Lake District farm. 

The couple together also meet tons of other important people, such as one clip that shows off William sitting with Sir David Attenborough to promote the Duke’s Earthshot environment prize. The montage then pauses for a bit for another funny bit, with Kate telling her husband while they were filming a video for St. Patrick’s Day that “You don’t need to roll your Rs”. 

All the exciting content

Prince William and Kate Middleton will start using their new YouTube channel to show off exclusive videos to the rest of the world on important events or announcements in the coming months. Already, the pair are quite social media savvy, using Twitter and Instagram often to share announcements to the world. Their social media had already included plenty of short clips in the past, so they’re no stranger to video-posting. 

Just last week to celebrate their ten-year wedding anniversary, the couple released a video that gave viewers a peek into what life was like with their children in their home in Norfolk, featuring a nice hangout at the beach and marshmallows around the campfire. How sweet. Now that they own a YouTube channel, we’re sure that fans will now be able to get an even deeper look on what their family lives are like. 

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