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Fantasy fans are eagerly awaiting the release of 'The Wheel of Time' on Amazon Prime Video. Could it become one of the best TV shows available to stream?

‘The Wheel of Time’: When will it join the TV shows on Amazon Prime video?

TV shows on Amazon Prime Video are known for being top-tier. Entertainment wouldn’t get a chance to land on Amazon Prime if it wasn’t of the highest caliber. One of the new TV shows on Amazon Prime Video possibly coming soon might be The Wheel of Time

People who love sci-fi centered shows have already invested plenty of watch hours into The Witcher, Game of Thrones, Westworld, and more. It’s time to give The Wheel of Time a chance. TV shows on Amazon Prime Video might not be able to compete once this incredible show is added to the lineup.

Wheel of Time details

Since The Wheel of Time is most likely going to be one of the TV shows on Amazon Prime Video coming soon, there’s a few interesting details to keep up with. First of all, the show has quietly been in production since 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic swept the world. Rosamund Pike is the actress in the leading role of Moiraine which is awesome because avid movie lovers know just how great she is in front of the camera. 

Some of her greatest movie roles include Gone Girl opposite Ben Affleck, Netflix’s I Care a Lot, and the thriller Radioactive. She’s also starred in movies such as The Informer, A Private War, and Hostiles. With such an impressive lineup of movies, there is no doubt in our minds that she’s going to be incredible in any possible TV shows on Amazon Prime Video, including The Wheel of Time.

The Wheel of Time inspiration

The Wheel of Time will exist as one of the TV shows on Amazon Prime Video because of the novel series it’s based on. The books were published starting in the early 90s, written by a talented American author named James Oliver Renee Jr. 

He published the novels originally under the pen name of Robert Jordan and while he planned on only writing six books at first, it ended up spending out to fourteen volumes followed by an additional prequel and two companion books on the side. There’s so much content to follow with this franchise, finally getting the show is long overdue.

When is the show coming?

The waiting game is beyond frustrating because fantasy fans would like to lay eyes on what The Wheel of Time has to offer right away. It looks like season 1 will premiere sometime in November 2021, but there’s no specific date attached to its release just yet. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we had more answers set in stone? 

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has created so many questions in the production industry for when things will be able to get perfectly back on track.

Other cast members

Joshua Stradowski will also be appearing in The Wheel of Time! Some of his other roles include Just Friends, Highflyers, and Caged. We’ll also see Zoe Robbins appear in the show after her time starring in Black Christmas, Power Rangers Ninja Steel, and The Killian Curse. Another actor will see is Mark Rutherford who you might recognize from County Lines, Father of the Bride, and Obey.

Other TV shows on Amazon Prime Video

While we’re waiting for The Wheel of Time to be released on Amazon Prime, there are plenty of other great sci-fi centered shows to binge watch. These awesome shows might make the waiting game feel a little less terrible. Utopia is a great option as it focuses on the world of comic books and conspiracies. 

The Tick is another awesome show to watch following a crime fighter in costume named The Tick as he fights back against criminals of the underworld. Pandora is another great show to watch in the meantime focusing on a young woman shrouded in mystery as she trains to be a cadet. Hopefully some of these shows will tide us over as we wait for The Wheel of Time to come out.

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