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Is there a reason for the uptick in UFO sightings lately? Explore these UFO sightings in upstate New York and find out.

Was there just a UFO sighting in New York? Everything we know

Saucers, Tic Tacs, and triangles – they’re some of the most common shapes when people see unusual and unidentifiable objects in the sky. The year 2020 has seen a huge rise in UFO sightings, which means people are spotting more of these definitely-not-an-airplane shapes up in the air. 

People aren’t sure why there’s suddenly an uptick in UFO sightings – it could be that the pandemic has people bored & outside, causing people to look upward. It could also be that peoples’ interests have been piqued and/or renewed after The Pentagon released new information on the subject of unidentified flying objects, again causing people to turn their eyes to the sky.

No matter the reason, there’s no ignoring the fact that our skies apparently have a lot of weird things going on. One of the latest UFO sightings occurred in rural New York. Here’s what we know.

Triangle sighting

The sighting occurred near the small city of Batavia, New York – the city is located between Buffalo and Rochester. Earlier this month a farmer local to the area reported seeing a triangle shaped object flying above his fields at approximately 8:45pm.

He posted the claim to Facebook. At least one other person confirmed they also saw the strange object & also provided an image.

While most triangle-esque objects in the sky are often just airplanes, the image of this UFO sighting has too many lights of various colors. What it could be is someone’s drone. Some people from the Batavia area believe it could be a drone manned by a local hunter using infrared to track deer for the upcoming hunting season. It seems as likely a guess as anything.


But, wait – there’s more

While there wasn’t much more to the evening sighting earlier this month, we began to poke around the internet for more information. It looks like this area of New York is no stranger to UFO spotting. In fact, in 2018 there were 65 sightings in upstate New York alone.

Even stranger was that we found a report from 2009 where a woman claimed to have seen a UFO. It sounded somewhat similar to the sighting from this month.


2009 sighting

In 2009 an anonymous woman said she and her husband were driving on Route 63 (near the exact same area the farmer lives) at around 8:15pm when they saw strange lights in the sky. She specifically noted five large white lights and one small red light, which was blinking.

The woman said the object was hovering low above the road in the distance. She noted that neither she nor her husband believed in UFOs and didn’t think anything of it – until they drove directly underneath it. She didn’t mention whether or not the object made noise.

Later, when the couple was at home they spotted a similar object which they said made a humming noise. Then, at 3am the couple awoke when they heard the noise again. Now, drones are known for making a humming noise when operated, but in 2009 – while they were commercially available – were still pretty rare back then.


Another 2020 sighting

If the 2009 sighting doesn’t interest you, then maybe one from September 4 of 2020 will. Just a week or two before the Batavia sighting there was a UFO sighting in Buffalo, New York, which has been recorded on the National UFO Reporting Center’s website.

The sighting is short and to the point stating: “The shape consisted of two chevrons with a vertical line in the middle; chevron shapes were more elongated matching the length of the middle strip; view from more of a side angle than direct overhead; barely moving.”


Chevrons are essentially misshapen triangles and we could easily see someone calling a chevron a triangle by accident – especially in the dark. It almost sounds as if this Buffalo resident saw the same object the Batavian man saw hovering.

There was also a different sighting on the same evening in Rochester, which was described as two bright orbs.



We try to be somewhat skeptical of UFO claims, but every once in awhile there’s an interesting one that we can’t quite dismiss – this New York state one started a bit boring, but has become one of the ones we’ll ponder as we look to the night sky.

It certainly seems as if some odd objects are hanging around a very specific area of New York state & we don’t know why, but we’d sure as heck like to find out.

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