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Happy 65th birthday to legendary actor Tom Hanks! Share the birthday wishes with both his younger and older fans on Twitter!

‘Big’: Take a look at a younger Tom Hanks on his 65th birthday

Happy birthday to actor & beloved international icon Tom Hanks. The actor turns 65 today, which means that fans around the world are celebrating this milestone in his life. Hanks has been around for decades from his younger days in films such as Big to his more recent roles in Greyhound, he’s just one of those easily recognizable figures in people’s life.

And, from what we know, he’s apparently a pretty down-to-earth guy as well. Seriously, we haven’t heard any younger fans “ok boomer” Tom Hanks yet or get people to try to cancel him. We will take the victories in having solid and decent people in the entertainment where we can. With that, let’s take a look at Twitter’s celebrations for Hanks’ birthday.


Names trending on Twitter are always terrifying

First of all, deep breath, Tom Hanks is f i n e.


Look at the mop

Seriously, look at how curly his hair was when he was younger!


They’re right

Hats off to Hanks!


The three E’s

It’s a good set of letters to live by. 


Birthday boy! 

Looking good for 65, Hanks!


Our hearts broke with that volleyball

We all cared about that volleyball.



Of course, we need to remember his iconic roles.


Look around

Look at all those iconic roles from his younger days to his present career.


*nervously eyeing trending*

Seriously though Twitter explains when an actor starts trending ASAP.



That’s some good art of Hanks!

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