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There have been numerous movie props available for the public to buy. Here’s our ranking of the nine weirdest (that we’d probably waste our dime on).

Tom Hanks’s loincloth: The strangest movie props ever sold

Whether you’ve the seen the movie or just heard that super edgy bro at your gym talking about it, you’re likely more than aware of Srdjan Spasojevic’s shockfest A Serbian Film and one particularly controversial scene involving a newborn baby. Last year the official prop of that poor bastard baby used in the movie went on sale on eBay.

The screen-used prop started with bids at a ludicrous $6000. The description of the item on the auction page proudly bleated, “The Baby that shook the world! This is the original screen used baby from A Serbian Film that featured in one of the most talked about, praised and condemned, censored and celebrated, and downright disgusting scenes in cinema history. This rare one of a kind prop can be yours if the price is right.”

'A Serbian Film'

It sounds like the sort of “the price is your soul” sales pitch you’d hear from Mr. Gaunt in Needful Things. But to each his own, we guess. While not every movie prop is quite as controversial or gross, there have been some available for the public to buy on various online auction sites. Here’s our ranking of the nine weirdest (that we’d legit still probably waste our dime on).

9. Mike Myers costume: Baby Driver

The Mike Myers masks from Edgar Wright’s heist movie were a huge seller for Halloween 2017. So it’s no surprise that the mask supposedly worn by Jamie Foxx (Django Unchained) during the armed car robbery of the first act of the movie (and his jumpsuit) went for sale on eBay. Which is the sort of loose change you might have if you legit did a heist.

'Total Recall'

8. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s head: Total Recall

Used in one of the Mars sets and signed by the big man himself, the model of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s head looks like something you might have robbed from a low-rent wax museum on the side of the highway in the late 90s. Incredibly, the prop sold for an absolute steal of just $760, which by comparison to some of the other crap on this list is practically loose change.


7. One of those biblical frogs: Magnolia

The raining frogs in Paul Thomas Anderson’s beloved and offbeat ensemble drama were one of the weirdest things in a movie full of oddities. To see these “extremely rare” silicone-based screen props for sale on eBay is perhaps even weirder. What the fuck you would do with that thing once you’d bought it is completely beyond us.

'Night of the Creeps'

6. Alien mask: Night of the Creeps

Just look at this ugly little bastard! We can’t lie – this prop is absolutely awesome and if we had the asking price of $1,549.99 just casually going spare we’d definitely waste it on this. You can legit buy this on eBay right now if you’re feeling flush and we damn well hope you do.

'The Punisher'

5. Really bad prop money: The Punisher

They’re the cheapest item on this list but that’s probably for good reason. Not only is there something deeply upsetting about paying $20 for a fake $5 note, but it’s even more upsetting that the prop money is from a fairly mediocre adaptation of The Punisher.

Do people really want to hang prop money from this Thomas Jane (Deep Blue Sea) and John Travolta (Pulp Fiction) travesty on their wall? Maybe so. Whatever, it’s your money folks!

4. Prison cafeteria food trays: The Shawshank Redemption

For whatever reason – maybe someone just wanted an expensive and depressing new way to serve food at dinner parties – a set of six cafeteria trays from Frank Darabont’s The Shawshank Redemption sold for $450 on eBay. Hopefully they also have a poster of Rita Hayworth covering whatever hole their other half likely punched in the wall once they found out how much money they’d wasted on this nonsense.


3. A life-size “terror dog” suit: Ghostbusters

You’re only human so of course you’d be legitimately interested in owning an incredible slice of movie memorabilia from one of the greatest comedy movies ever made. But this life size “terror dog” suit from Ghostbusters is some next level nightmare fuel. The item sold for $3,000 on eBay and we can only imagine is currently being used as a kinky roleplay costume for someone who’s super hot for Zuul.

'The Fly'

2. Jeff Goldblum’s nasty-ass fly feet: The Fly

Definitely the grossest item on the list (which is something we say with a heavy heart in relation to anything Goldblum related), the misshapen sore-strewn prosthetic feet the actor wore in David Cronenberg’s 1986 horror sold for $4,125.75. Hopefully to freaky foot fetishist Quentin Tarantino (but probably not).

1. Tom Hank’s loincloth: Cast Away

Ever dreamt of owning something that can bring you that tiny bit closer to Tom Hanks’s tiny-tom? Well the actor’s loincloth from Cast Away could have been yours, you fool!

The horrifying description for the item on Propstore calls it a “modest piece of practical clothing” with a “hidden ‘support’ inside for the actor’s comfort.” We don’t need to tell you that “comfort” is basically a wild euphemism for “dick sling”, do we? Good – just checking.

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