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How better to cope with your obsession than to indulge in the glorious 'Tiger King' memes? Go ahead and laugh your pain away.

Can’t get enough ‘Tiger King’? These memes should help your obsession

Netflix’s Tiger King is all the rage right now, and we can’t get enough of it. Unfortunately, there are only so many episodes to enjoy. If you’re feeling obsessed, you’re not alone. Who isn’t feeling the withdrawal? 

How better to cope with your obsession than to indulge in the glorious Tiger King memes? Go ahead and laugh your pain away. Remember, as long as the memes are around, there’s still more Tiger King content to sink your teeth into.

The essential Tiger King starter pack

The hair, the family, the fashion: this starter pack will equip you with everything you need to revel in Tiger King’s beauty.

Carole small talk is the best

Feeling lonely during quarantine? Just watch the Tiger King and you’ll see how to be social with your animals. Show your kitties some love and cat with them the way Carole would. 

Step aside, Tony the Tiger!

As all kids who loved the sugary breakfast cereal Frosted Flakes know, Tony the Tiger was the coolest cat around. But he better watch out Joe Exotic is the new king of the tigers now.

Title dysphoria: Expectations vs. reality

When people say “Watch Tiger King!”, listeners may expect something very different than Joe Exotic’s wacky documentary series. Be sure to tell them that this Tiger King is of the 21st century.

Poor Tigger has no idea what he’s in for

Tiger King certainly makes us rethink Winnie the Pooh. “Goofiness and fun” doesn’t seem to quite fit. Stay sweet and innocent, Tigger! We don’t recommend showing this to your children.

A DIY poster with an inspiring quote from Joe Exotic? Hell yeah! 

Like arts & crafts? Bored during quarantine? Check out this creative DIY poster that captures the true wisdom of Joe Exotic. Who likes wearing suits, anyways? 

The Steve Irwin is to Mario as Joe Exotic is to Wario 

Doesn’t the Tiger King Joe Exotic seem a villainous, trashy version of crocodile hunter Steve Irwin? Same design, very different character. 

Are people still wondering if Carole killed her husband anymore?

The mass consensus on the internet is that Carole did it. I mean, is it really hearsay? We think not. 

Cute selfie with murder on the to-do list

Carole, fess up! We know you want to post about it along with your cute selfies. 

Time to pounce on your roommate during quarantine? 

First, you’re best friends and you can’t wait to spend more time together. Then after being locked in a cage with him or her, it’s a quick descent into madness. Let the fighting begin!

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