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Six members of the supporting cast of 'The Untamed' will embark on a fan service 2020 World Tour titled Newborn. Here's everything we know.

‘The Untamed’: Everything we know about the 2020 world tour

The Untamed is a Chinese fantasy drama based on the novel entitled Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation (Mo Dao Zu Shi). The show follows Wei Wuxian (Xiao Zhan) & Lan Wangji (Wang Yibo) as they travel through a supernatural land of inter-clan rivalry. 

The show became wildly popular in China when it aired in 2019, but absolutely no one could have predicted the worldwide frenzy that would ensue. After it aired in China, it made its way to YouTube, where viewers in Western countries began viewing. Netflix, and several other streaming services picked it up soon after. It has since been streamed 7 billion times collectively around the globe. 

At the conclusion of promoting the show in China, the creators held a concert series in Asia where the cast members performed the music from the show. The concerts, held in large stadium arenas, all sold out. Western audiences lamented as they were left out of the promotional concerts (because the show was still relatively new to us), but it seems the gods have heard our cries! 

On January 24, it was announced that six members of the supporting cast of The Untamed will embark on a fan service 2020 World Tour titled Newborn. This tour includes shows in both Los Angeles & New York. This is very exciting news indeed!

The announcement caused an internet frenzy, but little details are known about the event as yet. Dates for the American shows have not even been released. Even though the two lead actors, Wang Yibo & Xiao Zhan, will not attend the World Tour this time, excitement among fans outside of China is still running at peak intensity. 

We are going to follow this event as details continue to break, but in the meantime, we’ve compiled a little something for fans to tide you over while you wait anxiously for more information. So, which of the supporting cast members will be joining the tour, and what do we know about them so far? 

Come with us as we learn more about our beloved #TheUntamedBoys.

Yu Bin (Wen Ning)

Born July 3, 1991, Yu Bin kicked off his career as one of the four members of boyband M4M. The group debuted in March of 2013 with their single ‘Sadness’. They only ever released one mini album, titled Mystery Formula. The group terminated their contract with Xing Tian Media. 

In 2018, Yu Bin joined the music reality program titled Idol: Producer as a ‘trainee’. The show aimed to bring together 100 contestants (trainees) to battle for one of the final positions in the group 9%. 

Then, in 2019 he joined the cast of The Untamed as our beloved Wen Ning. As the drama gained popularity in Asia, demand for Yu Bin increased. Also in 2019, Yu Bin film Return The World To You where he played the supporting character of Chen Bo Qian. It is rumored Yu Bin recently landed a role in the upcoming drama Charming and Countries, to be filmed in 2020. 

You can watch Yu Bin in Return The World To You here, and The Untamed here. The Untamed is also available on Netflix, the WeTV app & YouTube.

If you’re interested in listening to M4M’s music, you can navigate the link on YouTube here

Zheng FanXing (Lan Sizhui)

Zheng FanXing joined the cast of The Untamed as Lan Sizhui, the adopted son of Wei Wuxian & Lan Wangji. His portrayal of Lan Sizhui was incredibly well received by viewers & the actor quickly became a favorite among The Untamed fandom globally.

As The Untamed was the actor’s jumping point to stardom, not a lot is known about his life prior to this show. However, after The Untamed, Zheng FanXing went on to star alongside Yu Bin as they both continued their roles as Wen Ning and Lan Sizhui in a spin-off called The Living Dead

The film is set near QiShan Mountain in a small town called Fu Feng. Things are certainly amiss in the town, and Wen Ning teams up with Lan Sizhui to set things straight. The movie was released on November 7, 2019. 

It has since been announced that Zheng FanXing will star in a leading role in the upcoming drama, The Moon Bright For You. This show spans 36 episodes and will air later in 2020. Additionally, he is also set to star in a supporting role in the upcoming show Sweet First Love, also set to air sometime later in 2020. 

Ji Li (Nei Huai Sang)

Similarly to Zheng FanXing, not too much is known about Ji Li prior to his role in The Untamed. Unlike Zheng FanXing, though, The Untamed was not his first role. In 2016 he starred in a film called Weirdo Go. This film focussed on issues of gender identity and examined various aspects of different streaming sites. Ji Li played Wei Wei, who was the main character. 

Then he disappeared from the entertainment circuit for a while. It wasn’t until 2018 that he surfaced again. He played a supporting role in The Rise of the Phoenix, another period drama. This was his first experience acting in a period drama. This particular drama has a whopping seventy episodes under its title. 

His latest project is a spinoff of The Untamed, titled Fatal Journey. This is set in Qinghe during the time that the Nie sect during the period of time when this particular cultivation clan is dealing with all the issues around the ancestral tomb incident. Ji Li resumes his role as Nei Huai Sang, only this time he is the lead actor in the film. 

Fatal Journey is scheduled to be released sometime during 2020. Stay tuned for more information!

Cao Yu Chen (Jin Zixuan)

Cao Yu Chen plays Jin Zixuan in The Untamed. In case the name doesn’t ring a bell, he is the spouse of Jiang YanLi (Wei Wuxian’s sister) & is also the father of Jin Ling (Wei Wuxian’s nephew). 

Cao Yu Chen is the most experienced of all the supporting cast members named here. He graduated from the Central Academy of Drama in China in 2015, and began acting immediately after.

He landed several supporting roles in various shows such as Tiger Mom, The Glory of Tang Dynasty, and The Glory of Tang Dynasty II before landing his first leading role in 2018. He played Yun Yang in Basketball Fever, which is an inspirational story of a man carrying out his friend’s last basketball wishes. 

After Basketball Fever he landed another supporting role in a drama called Youth, which is a story depicting five college students who share a house, their lives, and their love. Then in 2019, Cao Yun Chen went on to play yet another supporting role in a martial arts-based drama right before he started working on The Untamed. 

In 2020, you can catch him on your screens as Jiang Zheyang in We Are Young. This is a drama about an incredibly successful businessman in the e-commerce sector. We Are Young is scheduled to air on January 31, 2020. 

You can watch Basketball Fever here.

Li Bo Wen (Song Lan)

Like several of the other supporting cast members of The Untamed, the role of Song Lan was Li Bo Wen’s first acting role. The good news is though, he will be on your screens quite a bit in 2020. 

You can catch him in another period drama called Eternal Love of Dream, where he plays Xiangli He. Eternal Love of Dream is a relationship drama that deals with monarchs and the ancient God of the Heavenly Kingdom. Eternal Love of Dream has 56 episodes and is scheduled to run on Tencent Video in China from January 22 – March 5, 2020. 

After that, you can catch him in The Last Cook, which is a romance set during the Qing Dynasty. This show has 55 episodes, but a release date is yet to be set. 

Song Ji Yang (Xiao Xing Chen)

Song Ji Yang played Xiao Xing Chen in The Untamed. It was his first acting role. After The Untamed finished filming in 2019, Song Ji Yang went on to play Yan Da Fu in The Birth of the Drama King. This is a comedy set in the pugilistic world. This has 24 episodes and aired on July 10, 2019. 

Later in 2020, he will assume another supporting role in Wo Jiu Zhe Ban Nu Zi. Very little is known about this show at this time. The full cast has yet to be announced. Stay tuned for more information!

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