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Two spin-off movies, 'Fatal Journey' & 'The Living Dead' have already been released. Here are more 'The Untamed' spin-offs we want to see.

‘The Untamed’: Spin-offs we desperately need to see

The Untamed is a Chinese fantasy drama based on the novel entitled Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation (Mo Dao Zu Shi). The screen adaptation of the story follows Wei Wuxian (Xiao Zhan) & Lan Wangji (Wang Yibo) as they travel through a supernatural land of inter-clan rivalry.

At the heart of the story is the romantic relationship that develops between Wei Wuxian & Lan Wangji. The development of their relationship is one heck of a slow burn. Additionally, due to very strict censorship laws about the depiction of homosexuality on television in China, the show lacks scenes depicting intimacy. The character’s don’t even officially say the words ‘I love you’. 


The creators of The Untamed seemed determined to get the romantic message across though, censorship be damned. Even without all the stereotypical intimacy on screen, the depiction of the love that exists between Wei Wuxian & Lan Wangji is captivating. The world seems to agree, as the show has now been streamed over 7 billion times worldwide. 

The creators of the show seem cognizant of the fact that audiences worldwide want more. While the storyline of the show was completed, and a second season isn’t on the cards, there are many stories within this fictional realm outside of the WangXian relationship that remain untold. 

Two spin-off movies, Fatal Journey & The Living Dead have already been released. However, this fictional world is so complex that there is the possibility for several other spin-off films to be made. Come with us as we take a look at the two that already exist, as well as possible options for even more!

Fatal Journey

This film showcases the Nie clan and their struggles with the ancestral knife tomb incident. We loved teenage Nie Huaisang (Ji Li) in The Untamed a lot. The comedic value he added to the early storyline was delightful. 

Fatal Journey is Nie Huaisang’s turn to shine. The film develops his character in more depth than The Untamed was able to. Additionally, the film delves into the relationship that exists between Nie Huaisang and Nie Mingjue (Wang Yizhou), also something which The Untamed skirted over. 

Fatal Journey follows Nie Mingjue & Nie Huaisang as they bring other clan members with them to restore the family tomb back to its original state. It is currently subbed in English and available for viewing on Viki. 

The Living Dead

This spin-off follows two of The Untamed’s most treasured supporting characters: Wen Ning (Yu Bin) & Lan Sizhui (Zheng FanXing). Wen Ning & Lan Sizhui run into each other in the small town of Fu Feng. Something supernatural is amiss in Fu Feng, and Wen Ning & Lan Sizhui decide to work together to solve the mystery. 

It’s exciting to see these two characters paired up in a spin-off of their very own. The development of their relationship in The Untamed was a fandom-favorite side storyline. When fans learned that the two would get their own entire film, exaltations could be felt all around the world. 

The Living Dead is subbed in English and available for viewing on Viki. This brings us to spin-off options that haven’t been made yet, but we feel definitely deserve their own film. 

Xiao XingChen & Song Lan

In the source material, the only same-sex couple is Lan Wangji & Wei Wuxian. However, while not explicitly declaring that any other characters are in same-sex relationships, the show definitely alludes that such situations may be possible for certain characters. Tencent leaves it up to viewers to determine. Xiao XingChen (Song Ji Yang) & Song Lan (Bowen Li) are two characters that definitely fit into this category. 

The Untamed treats the storyline of these two characters slightly differently than what exists in the source material. Regardless of which narrative you prefer, it’s agreeable that these characters are super interesting and there is so much to explore about their lives and their relationship. 

In both The Untamed & the source material, these characters have quite the reputation. Both Song Lan & Xiao XingChen are relatively famous and respected among the cultivation community. A prequel spin-off that gives audiences more information about how they came to be this way would be quite a treat indeed!

While we know they meet a tragic ending, their relationship is set up as a parallel to WangXian’s relationship. Is it possible that we could be treated to yet another hopelessly romantic storyline to swoon over? One can hope and dream!

Lan Yi & Baoshan Sanren

In episode 6, viewers are introduced to Lan Yi (Carmen Li) – the only female clan leader in Lan clan history. We know she got all messed up with the Yin Iron, which eventually led to her downfall. Her storyline piqued the interest of audiences all around the world, though, and we have many questions. 

In episode 6, Lan Yi tells Wei Wuxian & Lan Wangji that she faced many issues as a female clan leader. A prequel that spans her time as leader of the Lan clan would captivate many. We’d watch it, for sure. 

Lan Yi’s relationship with Boashan Sanren (Liu Tingyu) is also something of great interest to audiences as well. We know they were the very best of friends, and that the Yin Iron destroyed their relationship (and clearly their lives), but there is so much about these two that we just don’t know. The potential storylines here are limitless. 

A The Untamed spin-off that catapults two strong women into the leading roles? Yes please! 

WangXian Extras

Ok, ok, ok, we know that further storylines about WangXian are impossible, but we couldn’t write an article about spin-offs or unfinished storylines without talking about the extra chapters in the source material. 

The extra chapters in the source material are a detailed account of how WangXian spend the rest of their lives, living in happy domesticity in Cloud Recesses. We know a show that depicted those chapters could never be produced in China because of the censorship laws, but honestly, think of the possibilities! 

WangXian works with the juniors, raising them into talented cultivators, Lan Wangji cooks for Wei Wuxian. In fact, Lan Wangji spoils Wei Wuxian rotten. They break a bunch of bathtubs, they have a lot of animalistic sex – every day means every day. They exist in perfect happiness as they build their lives together. 

Sigh! If only this were possible. In the meantime, we’re going to keep dreaming that it is, and keep revisiting the source material to fill in those gaps the show leaves out. 

We’re interested in your opinions! If you could ask for a The Untamed spin off, what would you want to see?

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  • Lan Yi & Baoshan Sanren! That would be epic!!!
    (heads to AO3 to see if anyone has already done the hard work for me…)

    July 6, 2020
  • I’m hoping for a spin-off for the years that happened while Wuxian is in deep slumber like Meng Yao’s evil deeds and Nie Huaisang’s formulation of revenge, Song Lan and Xiao Xingchen’s romance, as well as Xiao Xingchen and Xue Yang’s backstory. I would also like to know Xue Yang’s backstory be more elaborated.

    July 7, 2020
  • I want a movie showcasing all four juniors, with them solving a case of their own! Their appearances in The Untamed just barely scratched the surface of their potential – just the idea of the hot-tempered Jin Ling and the wiseacre Lan Jingyi having to cooperate and work together has “Yes, please!” written all over it!

    August 9, 2020
  • 1. I would see a spin off of both Lan Zhan and Wei Yin parents and early childhood. How their parents met. When they were born, the relation to Yunmeng clan leaders how they adopted Wei Ying. What happened to Lan Zhan and Lan Xichen father and mother, why did their uncle take over.

    2. How did Lan Zhan save A-Yuan and raise him, there could be a parallel to how A-Ling grew up raised between his two uncles, two sects. Hints of the upcoming betrayal. Also how he got his dog.

    3. A more indepth on the relation between Jan Li and Jin Zuxian. In parallel about Wen Qing and Jang Cheng. This could also develop on what happened to Wen Ning as a child . Somehow as Wei Yin can raise the death it could lead that in an act of desperation, on a night with too much wine and missing them too much he resurrects them because he has too many remorse. And we could follow this living dead drama.

    4. A modern day drama where they meet again. It could be reincarnation or time travel. But it should keep magical and fantastic aspects in it. The censorship is an issue, but if produced outside China it may not be same actors or talented directors, so even if it would only hint to their love like in the current Untamed it is fine.

    August 25, 2020
  • Xiao XingChen & Song Lan. Of course, we need. Please God :(

    September 28, 2020
  • I think a story of where wei wuxian was for 16 years or a story of trying to discover where he was would be cool 🤔

    January 29, 2021
  • 1/ I would have S2 of Untamed starting with backstory to LWJ not coping after WWX drop off the cliff (taken from ch111 novel).
    2/ Have WWX looking for Baoshan Sanren, hoping he could get a golden core, leading him to a trinket shop, directions, up a mountain, finding an old woman, more directions, a cave, an illuminated eagle guarding a sword (his mothers), receiving the power, accumulating a gift called ‘changing elements’. Use this gift by playing flute, seeing his ghost parents.
    3/ ‘Changing Elements’ music. Score at Cloud Recesses, finding it, trying it out, power over the elements only WWX can do. The grand entrance at a conference. Oh there’s so much more I could write here. Everyone notices new sword (what’s it called – Untamed of course)
    3/ From the novel episodes on the Qin Estate & Iron Hook
    4/ Jiang Cheng going on blind dates (comical). One of these women is evil….
    5/ Wen Qing is not really dead. She’s been held captive by evil sect who use her to take out low level cultivator’ cores and transferring their core into ninja-type people. This sect break into Unclean Realm and steal a few artifacts which Nie Huaisang collected secretly. They also unearth the grave site where Nei Mingjue/Meng Yao are buried etc. More Yin Iron.
    6/ Wen Qing gets saved and a relationship starts with Jiang Cheng
    7/ WWX doing more teachings with the juniors & Wen Ning joining in. WWX sensing evil about. New fighting skills :)
    8/ And as above, more content on the juniors. Love those juniors especially Ouyang Zizhen who is outspoken.
    9/ The novel has so much more even with taking out the censorship stuff

    May 16, 2021

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