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What could our wacky Shadowhunters & Downworlders be up to this time? The latest from 'Shadowhunters' 'The Real Housewives of Idris' with Isaiah Mustafa.

‘Shadowhunters’: ‘The Real Housewives of Idris’ pt. 4 with Emeraude Toubia

It’s Friday, folks! You know what that means: it’s time for another episode of The Real Housewives of Idris.

Here’s what you missed last week: Maryse (Nicola Correia-Damude) successfully managed to have her way with Luke (Isaiah Mustafa), but it didn’t go quite according to plan. She didn’t expect it to be so easy, nor did she expect she would enjoy it so much. The whole point behind the operation in the first place was that Maryse didn’t want Izzy (Emeraude Toubia) disgracing the family with a werewolf. Now she wants him for herself!

Jace (Dominic Sherwood) & Simon (Alberto Rosende) travel to New York to visit the High Warlock of Brooklyn. Lorenzo Rey (Javier Munoz) identifies the source of Jace’s possession & Simon prays that Lorenzo can help Jace stop puking. According to Lorenzo, there’s a new player in town. A werewolf cub seems to be responsible for all of Jace’s problems; she must be dealt with immediately. 

After his very public fight with Magnus (Harry Shum Jr.) on the front lawn of their home, Valentine (Alan van Sprang) storms off, needing some alone time. Magnus & Alec (Matthew Daddario) are left alone, and that’s all we know about that. 

If you want to catch up last week’s full episode, click here. Otherwise, buckle up and get ready. Here is this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Idris.

Evil alliances and other forbidden things

Maryse Lightwood & Clary Fairchild (Katherine McNamara) are quite a destructive duo. After successfully luring Luke Garroway into the most debaucherous cheating scandal this side of Alicante, Maryse & Clary are now huddled around Clary’s computer at the Clave headquarters. Clary’s hand is hovering over the send button of an email addressed to Isabelle that contains video footage of her significant other and her very own mother doing things they really shouldn’t be doing. 

Maryse isn’t going to be winning Mother-Of-The-Year any time soon. As Clary’s fingers click send, Maryse doesn’t spare even a single thought for the destruction she is about to cause in her daughter’s life. Instead, all she can think about is how much she wants to go back and play out the scene in the bathroom with Luke all over again. Fortunately for her, it looks like she might get her chance. 

Much to her delight, Luke calls Maryse the moment she leaves Clary’s office. The pair exchange pleasantries & small talk for just a moment or two before deciding that they should get together to talk about what happened between them. Maryse rushes towards the exit of the Clave’s headquarters smiling like a lovesick puppy. She can’t help but wonder if talking might actually be a euphemism for something else. 

Purple puke and werewolf cubs

Meanwhile, in New York, Lorenzo, Simon & Jace find themselves surrounded by total chaos at the Jade Wolf. Maia Roberts (Alisha Wainwright), a newly changed werewolf cub is curled up in the corner sleeping on a cardboard box. Strewn about the place is an array of overturned tables & chairs, as well as kitchen utensils, pots & pans. 

Lorenzo clears his throat, announcing their arrival, waking Maia instantly. Although not currently in wolf form, Maia is still fierce and snarls at the intruders loudly. Lorenzo informs her that he knows she’s possessing Jace and to cut that crap out immediately. Maia’s only response is to continue snarling while glaring at Simon, Lorenzo & Jace.  

Simon’s vampire senses kick into gear. He steps forward, telling Lorenzo that something is wrong with this whole situation. According to Simon, Maia’s blood doesn’t smell like werewolf or human blood & he is completely bamboozled. Lorenzo examines Maia more closely, who is still growling at them but remains otherwise unmoving. Why isn’t she attacking them? 

Lorenzo snaps his fingers towards Maia and the moment his magic connects with her aura, he knows what’s up: Maia’s energy signature is corrupted. Fortunately for Lorenzo and the gang, he recognizes the energy signature capturing her soul very well. He announces that if they want to get to the bottom of all this, a visit to the Dark Warlock of Alicante is in order. 

Lorenzo opens a portal to Idris and he grabs Maia by the arm. At the sight of the portal, Jace does what everyone expects him to do & vomits all over Simon’s shoes. Simon secretly hopes that wherever they’re going, it’s their last stop. He can’t take much more of Jace vomiting everywhere. 

Cheaters never prosper

Back in Idris, all hell is breaking loose at Taki’s. It’s the middle of the lunch rush and Luke & Izzy are swamped. It’s a full house, with a line of customers waiting to be seated out front. Izzy’s phone beeps. She picks it up, hoping it’s not the lunch rush waiter calling out sick. Being pregnant & exhausted, Izzy knows she won’t be able to handle the rest of the lunch rush without the incoming staff. 

Izzy releases a sigh of relief when she sees that it’s just an email from Clary. When she opens the email, she almost doesn’t believe what she’s seeing. Is that her mother and Luke? ARE THEY KISSING? On second glance, Izzy confirms that yes, that’s definitely her mother & Luke and they are definitely doing things they should not be doing together. 

Izzy lets out a string of very loud, very rude words, rendering the patrons of the restaurant silent. Luke emerges from the kitchen to see what all the fuss is about and finds Izzy reaching for the knives. Izzy starts yelling at Luke, calling him all kinds of very colorful obscenities as she chases him around the restaurant, waving her very large knife as she moves. 

Luke, who has no idea what is going on, tries to placate Izzy while dodging her maniacal knife. Luke wonders for three seconds if this is some weird pregnancy hormonal swing that no one told him he should expect when Izzy throws her phone at him. She stops pursuing him with the knife just long enough to let him look at the contents of the email. 

Oh crap. Luke Garroway is a busted man. What to do, what to do? Just when he thinks Izzy is about to start running after him with the knife again, she screams something about ‘did it have to be with my mother’ before bursting into tears. She pushes past him, nearly knocking him off his feet, as she runs for the entrance of the restaurant. 

The magical number of three

On the other side of town, Valentine is returning home after his fight with Magnus. Totally ticked off by the warlock’s behavior, he portaled to the Hunter’s Moon for a slice of pizza & a beer. The pizza in Idris is like cardboard compared to New York. He hopes Magnus is calmer now and doesn’t want to throw more of his things out on the front lawn. 

As Valentine pushes the door open and steps into the living room, he doesn’t have to wait long to find out what kind of mood Magnus is in. The warlock is sprawled out on the couch, completely naked, arms & legs all tangled up and wrapped around those belonging to Inquisitor Lightwood. Valentine curses loudly. Magnus curses too, but not for the same reasons that Valentine does. 

Valentine surveys the scene in front of him, wondering what to do. He could yell, scream and cause a scene because that’s probably what Magnus would do if the tables were turned. Or, he could, you know, which could be kind of fun. 

Both Alec and Magnus are regarding Valentine with cautious expressions. Valentine looks the Inquisitor up and down and realizes that Magnus probably had the right idea all along. Not bad for a Shadowhunter. In the past, Valentine had never looked twice at the Inquisitor because of his association with the Clave, but it didn’t look like the Clave was anywhere in sight right now. 

Valentine raises his eyebrows, requesting permission. Alec snorts while Magnus simply shrugs his shoulders. Valentine kicks off his shoes while clumsily removing his jacket. He stumbles into the living room feeling very thankful he got home at such an opportune time. 

Has Maryse completely forgotten that she has a husband of her own? And my goodness, doesn’t she care about Izzy at all? What on earth is going on with Maia and why are they traveling back to see Magnus? Wasn’t he the one that sent Jace & Simon to Lorenzo in the first place? At this rate, Jace is never going to stop puking. 

Finally, goodness gracious, our eyes! Something tells us the shenanigans unfolding at the Bane residence right now can only end in disaster. 

Join us next week to find out more.

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