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What could our wacky Shadowhunters & Downworlders be up to this time? The latest from 'Shadowhunters' 'The Real Housewives of Idris' with Isaiah Mustafa.

‘Shadowhunters’: ‘The Real Housewives of Idris’ pt. 5 with Isaiah Mustafa

Last week in Idris, evil Clary (Katherine McNamara) & Maryse (Nicola Correia-Damude) sent the footage they collected of Luke (Isaiah Mustafa) cheating on Isabelle (Emeraude Tobia). Izzy lost her mind and ran after Luke with a knife during the lunch rush in front of all their customers at Taki’s. 

Jace (Dominic Sherwood) was still puking & it was really starting to get on Simon’s (Alberto Rosende) last nerve. Lorenzo (Javier Munoz) helped them find what they thought was the source of all of Jace’s problems, but it turned out that it was just another piece of the puzzle. 

Valentine (Alan van Sprang) walked in on Alec (Matthew Daddario) & Magnus (Harry Shum Jr.) get down and dirty. Instead of being outraged & shocked, because you know, they’re evil, he decided to just join in and let bygones be bygones. 

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Now it’s time to get comfortable and portal back to Idris. What disastrous shenanigans could our whacky Shadowhunters and Downworlders be up to this time? 

Jace Interruptus

Lorenzo, Jace, Simon & Maia (Alisha Wainwright) have impeccable timing. As the four of them spill through the portal into Magnus Bane’s living room, they are confronted with quite a scene. 

Magnus & Alec are still butt naked sitting expectantly on the couch, while Valentine, much to Lorenzo’s surprise, seems ready to join in. All three men freeze when the four unexpected guests spill out into the room. 

Lorenzo immediately covers his eyes, cursing expletives as he does so. Simon & Jace simply stare at the scene in front of them, while Maia, clearly still under whatever spell is possessing her, does literally nothing at all. The three men in front of them begin grasping for their clothes, as Magnus, clearly angered by their presence, demands to know what they are doing here. Again

A very flustered Lorenzo begins to inform everyone of the reason behind their unexpected visit. As he finishes spilling the beans, he levels his eyes at Magnus in a very accusatory way. The energy signature spewing from Maia’s aura is one he knows well and it belongs to the only other warlock in this room. The accusation renders everyone silent. 

Magnus casts his eyes over Maia, and then Jace, but proceeds to shake his head. He informs everyone that the magic possessing both Maia & Jace is not his. Why would he bother wasting his time on such trivial matters? He has better things to do. Clearly

Lorenzo begins to argue, reminding Magnus that this energy signature is very distinct, and he is no fool. Lorenzo is a powerful & talented warlock who could recognize Magnus’s energy anywhere, whether dark or light. Magnus dramatically rolls his eyes again and snorts. He quickly reminds Lorenzo that he is not the only warlock in the universe that carries this energy signature. Everyone in the room inhales sharply. 

Seemingly unhappy with the news that he is being possessed by Asmodeus (Jack Yang), Prince of Hell & Magnus’s father, Jace does what anyone in this situation would do, and vomits all over the very ancient oriental rug in front of him. Simon groans loudly, stepping forward, begging Magnus for help. It is Magnus’s father, after all, that is causing all the trouble. 

Magnus informs the group that the only way to get to the bottom of this drama is to summon Asmodeus to earth. The last time that happened, disaster ensued. No one seems particularly thrilled about the idea, but what else are they going to do? Simon is thoroughly disgusted by his boyfriend right now, and he just wants to go back to loving him. 

Magnus groans loudly, informing the group that he will only help if they promise to stop portaling into his home unannounced. He just wants to get back to living his life of darkness & debauchery in peace.  

Fathers, daughters, and cheating mothers.

Meanwhile at the Lightwood household, a whole different kind of chaos is unraveling. After Isabelle (Emeraude Tobia) learned that her own mother and her baby’s father are sneaking around behind her back, she fled Taki’s in search of the only person she could think of that might care about this as much as her: daddy dearest. 

In a spluttering mess of tears, Isabelle tells her father, Robert Lightwood (Paulino Nunes), about the mess going on between Maryse and Luke. Robert listens quietly while Izzy yells and gesticulates wildy. When she has calmed some, Robert tells his daughter that he is completely unsurprised by Maryse’s behavior. 

Isabelle’s eyes widen as Robert continues to inform his daughter that her mother has never been a faithful wife. She’s been with warlocks, women, vampires, other Shadowhunters. This might be her first werewolf, although he isn’t totally sure. He stopped keeping tabs on her a long time ago. 

Isabelle can’t hide her outrage. She starts shouting again, at no one in particular, that her mother has always impressed upon all of them that they must keep the Shadowhunter bloodlines as pure as possible. What a hypocrite! Robert tries to calm his daughter and apologizes that the object of his mother’s current pursuit happens to be Izzy’s spouse. Maryse has clearly reached a whole new level of low. 

When Izzy asks why Robert put up with this kind of behavior for so long, his response is unimpressive: the Clave would never have given him any power without a wife and family on his arm. Izzy screams in frustration; this was exactly why she defected in the first place. 

Izzy informs her father that she will not follow in his footsteps. She will not tolerate an unfaithful spouse, child or no child. Robert laughs at this, informing her that he expects nothing less. She’s clearly the only one in the family with any sense or morality at all. 

Broken promises and public humiliation.

At the Clave offices, Clary (Katherine McNamara) is sitting at her desk flipping through emails when her phone beeps loudly. She picks it up and opens the message. It’s a photo from her estranged father, Valentine. Truth be told, Clary and her dad aren’t so much estranged anymore, but no one knows that, which is exactly how she would like to keep it. 

Valentine & Clary have been working on a secret project to extract the energy signatures out of warlocks and inject them into Shadowhunters. Imagine that, combining the already Angelic powers Shadowhunters have with the magical prowess of a warlock would make them positively unstoppable in every single way. 

However, this message has absolutely nothing to do with their secret project. Clary, unsure if she is seeing this correctly, squints at the screen and enlarges the first of two images Valentine sent her. It’s Alec & Magnus sprawled out on an unrecognizable sofa without a single stitch of clothing in sight. 

Quickly closing the first image and opening the second, Clary gasps. Standing in the room with them are four other people looking on with horrified expressions. Clary recognizes Lorenzo, the High Warlock of Brooklyn, and the blonde kid standing to his left, but she has no idea who the other two are, but she doesn’t care. She is livid

Clary is no fool. She knows exactly where Alec’s preferences lie, she always just chose to ignore it. Let’s be honest, she isn’t marrying the guy for his commitment and undying love for her. He was her way into the Clave so she took it. They had an agreement: he would keep his adventures out of the public eye and she would look the other way. This was not her version of keeping things private. 

Clary messages Valentine back, begging him to delete the images. She did not want to become the laughing stock of Idris. Her reputation at the Clave is formidable & she is fearfully respected by all; this could ruin her standing with her superiors & her peers. 

Valentine replies, telling Clary that he’ll only delete the images, and therefore protect her and Alec’s reputation, if she can convince Alec to stop sleeping with his boyfriend. Magnus belongs to Valentine and Alec was ruining everything for him. Clary sighed deeply. She was going to kill Alec. Why couldn’t he ever do anything right? 

Family reunions gone bad. 

Maryse & Luke decide they should talk privately so instead of meeting at Taki’s, they decide to rendezvous at the Lightwood residence. Robert is supposed to be in New York on Clave business and all the kids have moved out. Perfect. At least here they wouldn’t be disturbed. 

As they enter the kitchen, the pair see they are mistaken. Standing in front of them is a very dishevelled Isabelle, and Maryse’s husband, Robert. Robert simply shakes his head at Maryse & Luke, but Isabelle, instantly enraged by the sight of the two of them together, repeats her performance at Taki’s, grabbing for the biggest kitchen knife she can find. 

Isabelle sets after the pair, chasing them down the hallway frantically. She begins screaming obscenities at them, just like she did at Taki’s, but the house is a mansion and the hallway is long; catching up to them in her pregnant & exhausted state is not easy. It seems pregnancy has stolen Isabelle’s ability to be even the littlest bit rational. 

Maryse & Luke throw themselves at the front door & dash out into the front yard. Instantly, they collide with Clary & Alec who also appear to be having quite a heated argument. As the four bump into each other, they fall down in a useless heap of arms and legs. Seconds later Isabella comes tearing around the corner, brandishing her knife and threatening sudden death. 

Alec thinks fast, springing to his feet and grabbing his sister by the waist, missing the flailing knife by a mere inch. He manages to restrain her arms and remove the knife from her hands as the rest of the sordid group untangle their arms and legs and pulls themselves up off the ground. 

Isabelle exclaims that Maryse & Luke are having an affair right at the same time as Clary blurts out that Alec is, in fact, sleeping with Magnus Bane. Silence descends upon the group as the five of them exchange glances with one another, the news of their infidelities ringing out onto the street below. 

Robert appears at the doorway, completely disgusted by his family in front of him. This was not how Lightwoods were supposed to conduct themselves, let alone outside in public places. He tells them all to get themselves together and bring their drama back inside before they tarnish the family name once and for all. He turns on his heel and strides down the hallway, leaving them all feeling like a group of small, scolded children. 

Well, well, aren’t the Lightwoods all such a mess? How will they get through this multi-facet scandal? Will Isabelle ever be able to get over Luke’s betrayal and resolve her issues with him? Will he even want to? What do you think Maryse is going to say about that? 

Will Clary be able to convince Alec to stop sleeping with Magnus, or will she have to endure the consequences of Valentine’s blackmail? If she is unable to succeed, will Valentine want to keep working on their secret project, or will he go rogue? Doesn’t he know his very own boyfriend is a warlock? What does this mean for their relationship? 

And for the love of all things Idris, Jace is still not cured! Will Magnus help Lorenzo & his friends summon Asmodeus, or will Lorenzo have to try on his own? Troubling times ahead. 

Join us next time to find out more!

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