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Teaching can be hard, especially now when teachers are switching to virtual classes. Laugh along with these painfully relatable memes.

Teaching is a pain: These memes will help you through it though

Teaching can be hard, especially now when teachers are switching to virtual classes, learning to navigate through the “new normal”, and playing ringmaster to capture their students’ undivided attention – all while trying to maintain their sanity. 

We have compiled this list of fun teaching memes for all the teachers who sacrifice so much to educate the next generation. After all, hilarious memes can make even the worst circumstances seem easier. Get ready for teaching memes that will liven up your hectic day.

What do you children want from me!? from teachermemes

Making it fun!

Holding students’ attention during real-life classes was already a difficult task, but after switching to virtual learning keeping the students engaged has become near impossible. 

Don’t Miss These Days At All from teachermemes

Passing it on

Sometimes dealing with children is akin to dealing with a pack of wild animals, and we salute the teachers for their patience. 

What a year from teachermemes

New 2020 teachers

Starting off your teaching career during a pandemic? Way harder than veteran teachers could imagine. 

Big facts from memes

This can’t be right

It’s no secret that teachers aren’t paid as much as they deserve. And despite consistent protests, many teachers still work with low pay and little advancement potential. But no matter how painfully true they are, sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself to keep yourself from going insane.

One of the worst parts of virtual teaching… from teachermemes

The worst part

If you’re already confined to your homes, you don’t get to take a break for bad weather, and isn’t that the absolute worst part of online schooling?

Subs, we’re just giving you the heads up from teachermemes

New sub teacher

Poor substitute teachers! They always get the short end of the stick. When dealing with the same class of children is troublesome, sub teachers have to deal with a new set of kids and a new set of problems every day.

It’s not as if we’ve been using the same platform all year or anything… from teachermemes


Elementary school vs high school – same kids, different obstacles.

My life in January from teachermemes

Time to look for a new job!

There are many posts that show you how pleasant & fulfilling teaching children is. The reality is, though, you’re often exhausted from the workload, you have literally no time for yourself, and get pennies for the amazing work you put in. Add to that the intricacies of the pandemic and you feel like you’re a sucker for punishments.

What do you think of these teaching memes? Let us know in the comments which one is your favorite. 

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