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The internet is losing its collective mind over the story about cop Jason Collier. Of course, that means there are fantastic memes.

Here are the dankest memes about the busted love rat cop Jason Collier

Texas police chief Jason Collier recently resigned after being accused of cheating on his wife with two women and allegedly showing one of them a fake marriage annulment. According to Sgt. Cindy Barkley of the Texas Department of Public Safety, the forty-one-year-old was arrested for “tampering with a government record.” As usual, the internet wasted no time conjuring up some memes. Here are some of our favorites.

Too much drama!

This hilarious meme is basically all of us right now. Between last week’s mandatory crash course on the stock market and this week’s head-spinning Jason Collier cop drama, it’s pretty hard to keep track of everything the internet has to offer.

Something new to binge

This Twitter user perfectly encapsulates how torn we are on what we should binge this week. Yes, Bridgerton has us watching eight episodes at a time without a break. But, then again, it seems like Jason Collier has a new girlfriend every time we turn our phones on. Pick your poison . . . 

I hate drama

At this moment, we can all relate to Kris Jenner. Yes, we all love to say we don’t like drama, but when a police chief resigns for having a bajillion girlfriends? How could we resist . . . 

Meeting of the memes

January’s big memes featured Bernie Sanders wearing mittens at the Inauguration. So, it only makes sense that the internet would create a hybrid of January’s best memes and February’s best memes (so far, that is.)

All about balance

Let’s face it, finding a balance in our daily life is hard enough as it is. But Jason Collier balancing girlfriends, fiancés, and wives? We simply have no idea how he did it. And honestly, we’re kind of impressed . . . 

Cougar King

This hilarious meme reminds us of the early days of quarantine, in which everyone was obsessed with Joe Exotic from Netflix’s Tiger King. This Twitter user suggests that, over night, Jason Collier has become the new Tiger King for 2021. And we can totally see the resemblance. 

Down the rabbit hole

One Twitter user had the genius idea to repurpose one of our favorite memes – Charlie Day standing frenzied in front of his conspiracy theory board in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – to fit the occasion. And it perfectly represents all of us trying to get to the bottom of the Jason Collier cop drama. 

Are y’all hiring?

Another Twitter user hilariously reminded us there’s now a vacant cop spot in the Stinnett Police Department. Awkward!

All my exes live in Texas

This meme simply states a classic George Strait lyric which fits eerily with Jason Collier’s life right now. We wonder if the cop is considering moving to another state right about now . . . 

Magic planner

Say what you will about Jason Collier, but to live the life he did, you have to be super well-organized.

New Bachelor

One Twitter user imagined Jason Collier did all of this simply to prepare for his debut on The Bachelor, and, TBH, we can kinda see it . . . 

Whether or not you’re a sucker for internet drama, you have to admit that the Jason Collier tea is pretty dang exciting. And, if the first month of 2021 can tell us anything about the year’s meme forecast, we’re in for some pretty good laughs. 

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