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'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' is a cult sitcom. We hit the archives & found the best dark humor jokes from 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia'.

The best dark humor jokes from ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a cult sitcom. The story of five friends who own Paddy’s Bar, that does not see many customers. So the bunch of friends have all the time in the world to rant, drink & while away their lives in the bar. Few shows have managed to keep their audiences hooked for more than a decade, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia does it well with its inane humor. 

In an attempt to delight its viewers, the show dares to go as far as the bounds of humor allow. Over the years, it has brought us some of the most meme-worthy content & has been doing so since the time memes weren’t even a thing.

The most surprising part is that their reserves of comedy are seemingly renewable – they never run out of a good joke, or running gag to dive into. We hit the archives & found some of the best dark humor jokes from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

The almonds are fine, honey

We don’t know about you, but it’s never happened to us that we find a pile of almonds in an alleyway & think to ourselves if a squirrel was collecting them, but got into an accident. Moreover, we’d never want to pick the almonds of a supposedly tragically dead squirrel & serve them to our pals.

But that’s what we’d expect Charlie would do & he does in this scene.

Do we have two ears?

Charlie never fails to bring a smile to our stupid faces – and we say this with the utmost respect for his incredulity. Not only is it twisted that he’d just realized he’s got two ears, but it’s also actually really intriguing to see him use them for multi-tasking. Good luck with that, Charlie. 

Pears weird me out, dude

When Charlie ate a whole pear, his explanation was, “You didn’t tell me not to eat the stem, dude.” We can still – in a very specific sense – relate to this emotion, but what about eating stickers? 

Philanthropist is a dirty word

Only in Charlie’s world is philanthropist a dirty word. At this point, it seems like Charlie should not be allowed to live on his own or make his own decisions. The frontal lobe clearly hasn’t fully developed yet. This is why even when his friends are talking him up by calling him a philanthropist, he fails to take a cue in a classic comedy of errors.

What a decoy

We agree, these folks are not the brightest bunch, but if you think this was a dumb joke rather than the dark & twisted tangent of it, you’re not fully appreciating the specific brand of humor this show has to offer.

Who faces the problem?

Absurd humor is a great coping mechanism & escape when you’ve got a lot of mess to deal with in life. The way out? You either pretend it doesn’t exist or take an even rockier path. The newfound obstacles will surely take your mind off the old ones.

Fruits on the bucket list

The show also has gems like this stored within it, if you can read between the lines. Everyone should have a bucket list & fruits should be on everyone’s bucket list. We’re all dying, so let’s die healthy.

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