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Humor is perhaps the only way to process traumatic situations. Here are some memes of Evan Peter playing the role of Jeffrey Dahmer.

Killing it: The darkest Jeffrey Dahmer memes to scare your group chat

Humor is perhaps the only way to process traumatic situations. There’s nothing funny about serial killers, yet, there are several Jeffrey Dahmer memes based on the Netflix series starring Evan Peters. It’s frankly impressive how this actor has managed to navigate all those violent characters without it affecting his personal life. American Horror Story was definitely Peters’s preparation to play Jeffrey Dahmer. 

If you haven’t watched the series, know that it’s a biographical drama based on the life of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. Opinions around the show are quite fragmented since several pointed out that this kind of content can somehow romanticize violence, like the time Zac Efron played Ted Bundy. Anyway, the other half did what all postmodern show watchers do: memes. 

If there’s something you can’t beat in life, laugh about it. Certainly, it depends on the context, it’s unacceptable to lighten a historically damaging situation like a serial killer, yet, the show does have several iconic parts that are meme material. Jeffrey Dahmer was known as the Milwaukee cannibal and killed seventeen men between 1978 and 1991. Here are some memes of Evan Peter playing this role. 

Make sure there’s still sunlight when you watch the show 

There’s something about watching scary movies or TV shows during the night that it just makes it impossible to sleep calmly. Watching scary films when there’s still a little sunlight to hold on to somehow dissolves all the tension. Anyway, remember that no matter what happens in life, the twenty-first century provides several memes to rest a little. 

When you hate it but love it 

Do you know that feeling of wanting to finish the whole bag of flaming hot Cheetos but can’t physically handle the spicy? Something similar happens with horror movies and series based on serial killers, the storyline is so traumatic but you just can’t stop watching. 

A little dark humor never hurt anyone right? 

If you haven’t watched Luca Guadagnino’s last film Bones and All, then this meme would do a small summary. 

Here’s one for all Five Guys burger fans

Language offers many possibilities and memes make sure to explode them all. 

Are you obsessed with serial killers?

Knowing too much about something shouldn’t be a risk indicator, right? Anyway, it might be better to take distance from the one obsessed with serial killers. 

Insert your favorite TV show on the screen!

There are several memes on the web that changed the frame of the screen with their favorite movie, TV show, or even live performance. Memes possibilities are infinite, there’s no doubt. 

Apparently, there are still people we should worry about 

If it was Marilyn Monroe’s panties we were talking about things would be different, or even convict underwear like that chapter of OITNB. Yet, paying that amount of money for something that belonged to a serial killer is definitely unbelievable and shouldn’t be romanticized. Laughing about it is the only thing we have left.  

No matter if you’re a dog person, cats are iconic!

Cat memes, pictures, and stickers are way superior to any other meme, even Jeffrey Dahmer’s. 

Just be sure to choose a vegetarian one!

Eating snacks with a good movie or TV show it’s a great plan unless you’re watching a story about cannibals. 

For those who haven’t watched the show 

If you haven’t watched the Netflix series, then this meme can be helpful to show you how your facial expression will be when you do. 

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