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Have you leveled up enough to handle a new batch of video games memes? Only one way to find out: put that controller down and check out this collection!

Power up with these hilarious memes all about video games

Even though it’s game over for some of these video games’ primes, we shouldn’t let it distract us from these hilarious video game memes, some of which take us down memory lane during a time of control slamming & cord chewing. 

Video games are the reason why many of us got a late start in socializing, where the feeling of finishing a beloved game felt like we had just been broken up with. Pathetic. These memes perfectly capture the spirit & nostalgia of many cherished video game properties, and we’re here to share them with you. 

Bernie player one

D@%%!+, Bernie memes! Now you’ve infiltrated video game memes? The title for best video game “gloves” already belongs to Mario!  

Don’t go chasing approval ratings

Hey, that was a prime location to find a Zelda heart piece! 

Control your emotions

And who said, “nerds can’t fight back”? 

Bye, Yoshi

We all know the strategy here, right? Dump Yoshi mid-air for the extra vertical boost, of course. He was a good pet, though. 

Gotta catch ‘em all

He’s back! But to be fair, this is in animated form, and we’re pretty sure the game gave Bernie a very low HP given his age. But in all seriousness . . . is he the new Snorlax? 


We’re really not interested in that sex tape . . . not even the audio that would come from it. 

One will fall

Anybody else check out that epic Godzilla vs. Kong trailer? Movie memes like this get an A+ in our book. 

Tight squeeze

This looks like when Jim Carrey’s Grinch burned down Whoville in that small car, for real. 

Living dangerously 

Call of Duty brings out the worst in many of us, as do many of the more violent video games. 

Clean your room

The way you put away your controller says a lot about the kind of person you are. 

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