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The Bernie meme generator has been archived after bringing so much joy. Take a look at some of the best Bernie memes that came from this website.

The Bernie meme generator: The best creations from the website

Senator Bernie Sanders sitting at the inauguration, arms-crossed, with his coat & mittens, has taken the internet by storm with people photoshopping Bernie in various locations. NYU student Nick Sawhney took his admiration for this meme to the next level by creating a meme generator that allows users to put Bernie in any location using Google Maps street view. 

Unfortunately, Sawhney has archived the website, stating he can’t keep the website going “due to API costs.” The Bernie meme generator supposedly generated “9,849,938” memes so there are plenty of fantastic memes of Bernie traveling the world with his iconic mittens. Here are the best meme creations from the Bernie meme generator website. 

Trump Tower

Sanders was one of the biggest critics of former President Donald Trump throughout his term. Sanders taking a photograph in front of Trump Tower is probably never going to happen intentionally, so at least the internet can create it. 


It’s unclear if Bernie has any interest at all in College Football, so it’s surprising to see how he managed to sneak onto Clemson’s field. Maybe Bernie is just a big fan of Trevor Lawrence. 

Arrowhead Stadium

The Chiefs clinched a trip back to Super Bowl LV to defend their title and win back-to-back championships. Bernie definitely wanted to go celebrate with QB Patrick Mahomes & the rest of the team but had to settle for a photo due to COVID-19 protocols. 

Machu Picchu

Bernie doesn’t seem like someone who would enjoy hiking around Machu Picchu in Peru, but maybe he just wanted to cross this off of his bucket list. 

The London Eye

The London Eye is one of the best ways to get great views of London. Bernie just wanted to snap a quick photo before he went on. Thankfully, he brought his own chair. 

Hanging with dinosaurs

This is at Cabazon Dinosaurs, a roadside attraction in Cabazon, CA. It’s a random location in California, but somebody had the idea of putting Bernie there and we are thankful for that as seeing Bernie in front of a large model of a T-Rex is a hilarious image. 

The White House

It makes sense that Bernie would be in front of The White House as a senator and presidential candidate. However, what doesn’t make sense is how tiny he is. Somebody better look out or else they’re going to step on Bernie. 

The Eiffel Tower

Bonjour! Bernie is taking a trip to Paris to take in the sights, go to some art museums, and visit the iconic Eiffel Tower. It does get chilly in Paris, so Bernie made sure to dress for the weather. 

Times Square

When Times Square gets super crowded with New Yorkers and tourists, it doesn’t seem like somewhere Bernie would want to be. In this photo, Times Square is mostly empty so maybe Bernie just wanted to take the photo and leave. 

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