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The Chiefs vs. Bills is a battle between two young quarterbacks looking to dominate the league's future. Here's how to watch the AFC Championship Game.

Where to watch: Will Mahomes return for the Chiefs vs. Bills game?

The definition of youth is on full display in the AFC championship as the Patrick Mahomes led Kansas City Chiefs take on Josh Allen’s Buffalo Bills. On the flip side, in the NFC Championship Game, the thirty-seven-year-old Aaron Rodgers and forty-three-year-old Tom Brady face off to take on one of these young quarterbacks. 

Only drafted a year apart, Mahomes and Allen’s careers took different approaches. Mahomes took the reins in his first season and found instant success in Kansas City, reaching the playoffs in each season. Allen did the same, except he had to contend with a Brady led New England Patriots team. He’s in his second playoff and looking for a chance to send the Bills to their first Super Bowl appearance since 1993. 

Both quarterbacks took over dormant franchises and turned them into dominant forces in the league. It’s no surprise they are facing each other in the Conference Championship. It is a must watch for football fans because we’ll have to wait two weeks for Super Bowl LV. Here is everywhere to watch the game. 

When to watch

The Kansas City Chiefs will host the Buffalo Bills at 3:40 p.m. PT on CBS. As long as you have basic cable, you’ll be able to watch the game. You can also subscribe to CBS All Access to watch the game. CBS All Access has been broadcasting games all season and will also broadcast Super Bowl LV. CBS All Access isn’t just great for the NFL. It also has excellent originals like Star Trek & The Twilight Zone reboots and Console Wars. 

Where to watch


FuboTV has the most channels at a reasonable price. For $65 a month, you get 117 channels. That’s the same price as Hulu + Live TV and YouTube TV. Then for $15 more a month, you’ll get an additional fifteen channels. 

The cable alternative comes with all the best sports channels, including all the league channels in the more expensive package. However, if you want NFL RedZone, you’ll still have to buy the sports add-on, which is only $10 a month extra, making the smaller package and sports add on an option to consider.

Sling TV

Sling TV is for the person who only wants the bare minimum. It comes with thirty channels for $30, but there are plenty of add ons to make it what you want. Sling TV is meant for the subscriber to build the cable package they want. The two base packages come with specific channels, and then from there, you build it up. You can stay at $30 a month or build close to the price of Hulu + Live TV or YouTube TV. 

If you only want the sports channels, you can get all of the channels for $10 more a month, but for $20 more a month, you’ll get all the channel add-ons. Make sure you look at all your options because it’s like the buffet version of cable packages. 


Not everyone can spend money on an expensive cable package or streaming alternative. Luckily websites are making it easy to find the best live streaming alternatives. Reddit was the king for live streaming links. However, the platform banned the streaming subreddits. 

After Reddit banned the distribution of live streaming links on their site, the founders of the popular NFL Streaming subreddit, /r/NFLStreams, created their own site to continue to provide live streaming links. NFL fans should bookmark their site because it’s so simple to use. You click on whatever game you want to watch, and all the links populate thirty minutes before kickoff and are sorted by most reliable. 

Another alternative is It’s the best looking site for live streaming links. Unlike, NFL-streams is a one-stop-shop. You’ll click on the game when it goes live, and you watch it right there. One of the greatest features is there’s a page for each team. Each team page lists all their games making it easy to return to during the season. If you watch out of market games, the site is a must-bookmark.

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