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Love ‘Little Women’? Send your group chat these movie memes

Use our favorite 'Little Women' memes in your group chat to put the movie 'Little Women' at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

Love ‘Little Women’? Send your group chat these movie memes

In 2019, lovers of the 1994 film Little Women were shocked when news broke that director Greta Gerwig was planning a new adaptation. To their surprise, Little Women was a hit and entered the hearts of many

Despite the praise, Little Women did not receive awards many thought it deserved. If you and your friends are constantly retweeting the wise words of Jo or giving real Aunt March sass, use the memes below in your group chat to put Little Women at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

When your jokes get no laughs

Sometimes your jokes take an “L”, as in Laurie, whom Jo sadly turned down. Laurie walking back alone is basically all of us feeling turned down by our friends. 

Our priorities just aren’t the same

At some point or another, you’ve experienced not being on the same page as friends– While some make time for cleaning, others make time for reality TV.

Adult responsibilities hurt

There’s no moment that displays the hard truth of adulthood better than paying all your bills and watching the balance in your account get lower. 

New relationship = Aunt March eyeroll

Almost every friend group has a designated serial dater. If your serial-dating friend tries to hit you with news of a new relationship, just reply back with an Aunt March eyeroll. 

Extra, opulence, extravagance = Aunt March again 

Any new purchase should be immediately reported to the group chat and given the Aunt March stamp of approval.

You must not fail a friend mission

As a friend, you’re given countless tasks to accomplish, and secrets to keep. Let your friends know they have your word as a woman and you will help them because it’s your duty.

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