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He’s beauty, he’s grace, he's Harry Styles! Celebrate Harry Styles’s twenty-seventh birthday with these hilarious memes.

Happy Birthday, Harry Styles! Celebrate with these memes

If you’re not a One Direction stan, there’s still a chance you could stan the iconic Harry Styles. He’s beauty, he’s grace, and he’s one of our favorite solo artists at the moment. Since his rise to fame in 2010, February 1st has been celebrated by stans everywhere because . . . it’s Harry Styles’s birthday!

Celebrate Harry Styles’s twenty-seventh birthday with these hilarious memes. 

Wait, really?

Have you ever heard a conspiracy theory that made you do a double take? Us too. This meme perfectly captures our reactions in the best way . . . by using Harry Styles’s face

Harry Poppins

Need we say more? We’d all be getting a spoonful of watermelon sugar! (We recommend not using Urban Dictionary to look at the definition.) 

Music videos

All of his music videos act as therapy for us. Suffering after heartbreak? “Falling”. Feeling like the world is crashing down? “Sign of the Times”. Harry has the answer to all our problems.


Harry Styles buffering sums up exactly how we were feeling throughout 2020 and 2021 (so far). 

Larry Stylinson

It’s Harry Styles’s birthday, but we couldn’t help it so here’s a meme for all you thirsty Larry stans. But also, this is true. Who would? Not us. 

Harry Potter

The number of memes made from this image of Harry Styles is priceless. Our personal favorite? Styles turned Potter on a broomstick. What’s not to love?

“Steal My Girl”

Poor Mickey Mouse! He never stood a chance against Harry Styles’s high waisted trousers.

Hello darkness

More lockdowns? The world is ending? We are all looking like this Harry Styles meme right now. 

Can’t catch him!

Harry Styles is running away from your negative energy. It’s 2021 and we’ve had enough of your toxic vibe. Ready, set, run!

*sips tea*

Harry Styles is an icon. Period.

What’s your favorite Harry Styles song? Do you have even more memes? Let us know in the comments.

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