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It seems like forever since we saw a new episode of 'Stranger Things'. Find out what a producer on the show had to say about its release date.

Is ‘Stranger Things’ dropping a season 4 episode early? Get the tea

It’s been over two years since fans got to see a new episode of Stranger Things. The show has been on a longer-than-usual break because of, you guessed it, the pandemic. Luckily, production on season 4 is well underway, with the cast & crew just about done filming. Netflix hasn’t announced an official release date yet, which has some fans worried that the wait for Stranger Things will keep stretching on.

According to a recent report from Variety, the premiere of Stranger Things season 4 might not be as far away as we think. In a recent interview, producer Shawn Levy offered an update on the show and teased that fans could be returning to Hawthorne, Indiana “soon”. Levy didn’t go into any specifics about what season 4 will entail, but he did promise that it would be “much more ambitious than the prior three seasons.”

We know you’re dying to see your friends in Hawthorne again – not to mention find out what happened to Hopper. We’ve got all the latest details on Stranger Things season 4 for you right here.

Where are we going?

Netflix might be keeping the plot of the new season a major secret, but they can’t hide their globetrotting film team. Fans knew that season 4 would take Stranger Things outside of Hawthorne to catch up with Hopper in a Russian prison, but the show isn’t stopping there. Producer Shawn Levy told Variety, “We have filmed in Georgia, Lithuania and New Mexico, so suffice to say Season 4 is sprawling”.

While fans have been cursing the pandemic-related delays, Levy says they’ve also been something of a blessing. The team has had more time to work on the season, and that’s helped their efforts to really add to the “scale” and “multi-settings of Season 4”. When the show finally makes its grand return, Levy promises that it will be bigger & better than ever.

Stranger Things

When are we getting there?

None of that addresses the elephant in the room. Just how long can fans expect to wait until they finally get to see a new episode of Stranger Things? Unfortunately, Shawn Levy didn’t offer any specifics when it comes to the one question everyone really cares about, but his comments are still the biggest hint at the new season’s release date that we’ve gotten so far.

“It’s coming soon enough,” Levy said, which wasn’t exactly encouraging. He added, “And as for when exactly that will be announced — quite soon”. So, Netflix will likely be saying something official about Stranger Things in the near future. Previously, the streaming giant has announced release dates for Stranger Things six to seven months in advance, and while that’s not what anyone hopes for, that probably fits as “soon enough”.

Who’s coming along?

All of your favorite Stranger Things cast members are returning for season 4, though many of them, like Hopper, will be in different places than where we’re used to seeing them. There’s also going to be a number of new faces in the season, which is only to be expected with all the new places the story is taking us.

Earlier this year Netflix announced at least four new cast members coming to the season. Amybeth McNulty, Myles Truitt, Regina Ting Chen, and Grace Van Dien, but which Stranger Things episode or episodes they’ll appear in remains a mystery. With any luck, we’ll have a firm release date for Stranger Things season 4 soon, but if you’re a fan you should be prepared to wait until early 2022 to get back to your favorite show.

Were you hoping for better news, or are you happy knowing that you’ll eventually see a new episode of Stranger Things no matter what? Who are you most excited to check in with during the new season? Let us know in the comments!

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