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Why are ‘Star Wars’ fans mad at Lucasfilm? Learn the background info

Enthralling the galaxy for decades, the Star Wars franchise is teeming with loving fans. Sure, there was general ambivalence & outrage surrounding the new Star Wars trilogy, but Disney +’s signature series The Mandalorian, which is widely regarded as a Star Wars success, has reinvigorated the Star Wars fandom with newfound excitement. 

But, with great success comes great debate, often pushing the fandom into heated controversy online. What’s the sitch this time? Lucasfilm appears to be in the hot seat as a certain exec took on the role of a troll. Here’s some background about the latest Star Wars internet drama. 

What went down?

When you work for a primetime company like Lucasfilm, it’s generally discouraged to troll fans and make fun of their attachment to the content you help produce. Pablo Hidalgo, Lucasfilm executive has reportedly been caught making fun of Star Wars YouTube personality when he posted his reaction to The Mandalorian season 2 finale.

Twitter screenshots captured Pablo Hidalgo commenting, “emotions are not for sharing” on a reaction video posted by Star Wars Theory, a fanboy channel with over  2.7M follows. The creative Lucasfilms exec clearly found Star Wars Theory’s emotional response to be over-the-top, not exhibiting his idea of a substantial Star Wars post.

Yeah, because how dare someone love a fandom enough to inspire palpable emotion? As Star Wars Theory points out in the YouTube video above: why undermine someone’s emotional reaction to something your company created? Come on, dude. Whether it’s some toxic masculinity showing or simply douchey trolling, Hidalgo’s comments aren’t appreciated in the least. 

Hidalgo later deleted the malicious tweet, before proceeding to make it his Twitter coverage image. But Hidalgo certainly poked the bear, this fanboy’s massive following readying their blasters to shoot Pablo Hidalgo down. Is it really Hidalgo’s place to shame Star Wars fans for offering their bubbling sentiments about the series?

Unforgettable finale

In case you’re in need of some background on The Mandalorian scene in question, we’ve got to talk about The Mandalorian season 2 finale. (That means spoilers are ahead, duh!) Kicking off last Friday, The Mandalorian had audiences crying, cheering, and squealing. (You’re not alone Star Wars Theory.

As our elite team of The Mandalorian characters prepare for a last stand against Moff Gideon’s formidable legion of droid soldiers known as Dark Troopers, a sudden deus ex machina swoops in in the form of a dashing & familiar face. All other characters fade into the background as Jedi Master Luke Skywalker steals the show, force-crushing slicing through the Dark Troopers with ease. 

Jaws dropped, fans were thrilled to see the X-wing pilot & green-lightsaber swinger in action, coming to take Grogu (Baby Yoda) away for Jedi training. So, yeah – emotions were running high. Mark Hamill’s surprise involvement was the Christmas gift everyone needed in 2020. 

Fandom in flames

Hidalgo has yet to comment on the Twitter controversy, but Star Wars fans haven’t stopped commenting. Most fans simply wished to shine a light on how inappropriate the Lucasfilm creator’s comment was, but others have more intense solutions. 

In fact, some fans even called for Pablo Hidalgo to be fired over the upsetting incident. Should one comment be cause for termination? That’s up to Lucasfilms, but the event won’t simply blow over if the fans have anything to say about the matter.

On the other hand, some fans are calling the controversy one big pout fest. How harmful is one comment throwing an elbow at a sappy fan? Is this even worth talking about? 

While some Star Wars fans are taking sides and demanding Hidalgo’s head, others are ready for the controversy to simmer down and fade into the background. Why make everything into such a big deal, yo? 

Where do you stand on the Star Wars controversy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. 

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