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Will there be a season 4 of 'Ozark'? Has Netflix given the hit crime drama a reprieve? See the trailer and the rumors for yourself here.

When is ‘Ozark’ ending? Will there be a season 4 on Netflix?

Netflix recently put out a clip from the upcoming fourth season of the critically acclaimed drama Ozark, effectively answering questions concerning the status of season 4. The clip seems to pick up right where season 3 left off, with Marty & Wendy Byrde washing the blood off of themselves that they were covered in after Helen was shot right in front of them at the end of season 3. 

It’s been over a year since the release of season 3, leading many fans to wonder if there will be an Ozark season 4. The upcoming fourth season is set to be the show’s last. The clip indicates that we’ll pick up with the Byrdes pretty close to where we left off since they haven’t even washed off Helen’s blood and they appear to be at Omar’s house. Like many series, Ozark was pushed back due to pandemic-related complications. 

While we’re not sure what exactly we can expect out of season 4, we know that there will be a hard road ahead for the Byrdes. The season 3 finale set up a lot of the conflict for season 4, so it’s safe to assume that most of the cast will be returning. However, the only main cast members shown in the clip are Felix Solis, Jason Bateman, and Laura Linney. Ruth fans will just have to wait. 

Now that fans know there will be a fourth season of Ozark and have seen the clip, more questions are popping up. The Byrdes are shown to still be in Mexico at Omar’s home, but when will they make it back to the titular Ozarks, where their children are waiting? Omar shot Helen in front of the Byrdes before hugging them, and they seem to be at a party he’s hosting. But is it all another mind game? 

Marty and Wendy’s marriage was on the rocks last season (really, ever since season 1 when Marty found that tape). Marty wanted to run the business his way, and Wendy wanted more power, and often overestimated her relationship with Omar. Will season 4 continue to have them at odds with each other, or will Helen’s death unite them? Fans are also wondering if any other major characters will die in the final season.

Season 3

Season 3 shows Wendy possibly getting in too deep with the cartel and starting to lose it a little (remember when she broke into their old house and vandalized it in the weirdest ways possible?). She and Marty work against each other in Wendy’s plan to expand their laundering scheme. Wendy’s all ambition and bold ideas, while Marty is concerned about protecting what they already have. 

Marty gets paranoid with all the talks Wendy is having with Omar behind his back, and he starts to worry that he’s become expendable (Wendy’s been having an awful lot of dreams about killing him, so he’s not exactly wrong there). He installs spy software on his and Wendy’s phones so he can listen in on her late-night phone calls with Omar, leading to him being kidnapped by Omar’s men when Omar finds out

Marty winds up in Mexico, being tortured as a means for Omar to figure Marty out and also see how expendable he is to the operation. Marty ultimately admits that he’s afraid of his wife, and that, as the numbers guy, what he wants is to do his job when he knows that it’s safe (he’s been under pretty close surveillance by an FBI agent). Back home, the women find that the operation doesn’t run smoothly without Marty. 

Marty makes it home, and Omar reminds Wendy that she & he aren’t partners, but she works for him. While all this is going on, the Mexican cartel war is ramping up, and Wendy’s brother Ben comes to live with the Byrdes. He stops taking his meds when he starts dating Ruth, leading him to become increasingly paranoid (to be fair, who wouldn’t be in his shoes?). 

Ben proceeds to cause all kinds of trouble. This leads Wendy to agree to have her own brother killed. Helen, who started the season rather close with Wendy, starts trying to have the Byrdes cut out of the operation. It becomes a fight between Wendy and Helen, who each try to prove to Omar that they’re the more valuable asset. Omar calls them all to his home in Mexico and makes his choice by having Helen shot. 

 Season 4

Though season 4 will be the last season of Ozark, it will contain more episodes than previous seasons. Season 4 will be 14 episodes long and will be released in two seven-episode parts at a time. The clip that was released finishes with the Netflix logo declaring that both parts of season 4 will be available at a yet undisclosed date in 2022. 

The third season racked up an impressive amount of nominations at various award ceremonies. Also, Ozark was one of many returning Netflix originals promoted at the streaming site’s Tulum event this weekend. 

Also shown was a clip from the upcoming second season of Bridgerton, another teaser for Stranger Things season 4, and a trailer for season 2 for The Witcher. Though no specific date has been announced for the first half of Ozark season 4, at least fans know that there will be a season 4.  

Will there be a season 4 of Ozark? Yes! Are we looking forward to it! Definitely yes! Let us know if you’re as excited as we are!

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