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Netflix announced that the new season of 'Ozark' will be its last. In the wake of this news, we're revisiting all the best moments of the show.

New season of ‘Ozark’ is the last: Revisit the best moments of the show

Usually, crime dramas featuring Mexican cartels are gritty & dark. The characters are reckless & dirty. Ozark stood out from the rest of the shows in this category. 

Ozark chronicles the story of a financial professional Marty Byrde, played by Arrested Development’s Jason Bateman, as he embarks on a relocation along with his family. This family – comprising a wife & two kids – doesn’t know what’s in store for them. 

The secret’s that Byrde’s deal with a drug carter goes awry. He now owes a ginormous debt to a Mexican drug lord. What Ozark lacks in the grimy execution of its counterparts, it makes up for in domestic turmoil. 

As it was recently announced that Ozark’s newest season will be it’s last, let’s revisit the best moments on the show where the characters delivered the goods. Spoilers ahead, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Del dies

Del – played by Esai Morales – dies at the end of the first season. It happens unpredictably – just when we thought Marty had pulled off the impossible by negotiating a deal of a lifetime. 

Russ & Boyd are electrocuted

Russ & Boyd had etched a not-so-foolproof plan. They’d decided to steal Marty’s cash & skip town. However, in the meantime, Ruth had found out that Russ was a snitch. At this point, we remembered very well that Ruth had the experience of trying to kill Marty previously. While her previous attempt was guided by her father, this time her motives were unhinged. 

The result was her uncles being ruthlessly electrocuted by the waters as they progressed with their attempt to flee on their motorboat. 

Del chops off Marty’s toenails

Irrespective of how we put it, getting your toenails ripped off sounds excruciatingly painful. It’s one thing to expect shows about Mexican cartels to be bloody & gory, but being subject to witness such a torture took the audience by shock.

A husband kills his wife. Accidentally

Carl accidentally murders his wife Anita. Murdering your wife is one thing. Accidental murder is another. You combine those two & it’s a disaster. A typical marital skirmish turned into a confession by Anita that she’d have chosen to marry his brother over Carl. 

The next thing we know, he’s responded by whacking her on the head – in the process sending her off the literal edge of the hill. Her bones crackle audibly, but Carl just walks away. The audience, meanwhile, is stumped beyond measure. Took us a while to process what’d just ensued.

Mason drowns his newborn baby in the lake

Pastor Mason Young – played by Michael Mosley – and his wife Grace  – played  Bethany Anne Lind – have a son together. While she’s still pregnant, she is abducted by the Snells. We never see her again. This means her child, Zeke, is now solely the responsibility of Mason. 

But Mason decides to have a crisis of faith & in a mind-boggling turn of events contemplates drowning his child. Ozark doesn’t let any character breathe easy.

Mart & Wendy have a fight

After having read the previously mentioned shocking & compelling moments of the show, this one pales in comparison. But there’s a twist. Marty & Wendy decide to have a heart-to-heart conversation, or more accurately, a bickering match. But while they’re shooting words off, Charlotte is seen drowning in the lake. The mystery shakes everyone up & neither Marty or Wendy have any clue.

Ozark has been a circus of jaw-dropping cliffhangers & misadventures of Marty & Wendy Byrde. No moment is low on thrill as they navigate this maze of raising their kids, befool the FBI, protect their financial interests & stay alive.

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