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'Sanditon' fans are keeping the fight strong and alive. Here are some of our favorite 'Sanditon' memes to uplift your weary spirits.

Glorious ‘Sanditon’ memes: All the most relatable reactions

Sanditon fans are keeping the fight strong and alive to get the beloved Jane Austen series renewed for that all important second season. We’ve sung the praises of the series along with sharing our reasons why it should be renewed. Sanditon, which is Jane Austen’s last and unfinished novel, deserves an ending. Period.

While we continue the fight to get Sanditon that all important second season, we also need a moment to have a little bit of a chuckle as well. Nothing quite fortifies the spirit like a good meme in this modern age. Here are some of our favorite Sanditon memes to uplift your weary spirits.

1. The Onion meets Sanditon (Part 1)

The Onion has lent itself to many an excellent television meme over the years. Sanditon is not to be left out of it, especially paired with a hilarious “done with it” face.

2. Sidlotte fans be like that if they don’t get a season 2

Sanditon fans have fallen in love with the love story of Charlotte (Rose Williams) and Sidney (Theo James) over the course of seven episodes. So like the wise Rosa of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, they will make sure that their ship gets to sail! 

3. It needs a Jane Austen ending!

It goes without saying, but Sanditon deserves an ending. A proper Jane Austen one, please and thanks. 

4. Now that’s a concept!

We’re not sure if zombies made Pride & Prejudice any better, but we have to admit that Regency-era vampires have us intrigued.

5. The Onion meets Sanditon (Part 2)

Bold move of Charlotte to expect happiness as being a part of adulthood. Bold. Move. 

6. The Onion meets Sanditon (Part 3)

Oh look, a headline that perfectly captures the Sidney and Charlotte slow-burn relationship. Also, like every Jane Austen relationship ever written in history. 

7. Rejoice! (For Sanditon season two)

It will be the biggest day of rejoicing when Sanditon gets renewed for that second season. It has to happen.


8. The cure!

Sanditon has taught us all that general cure is a good dance. So let’s get that dancing started while in quarantine, shall we?

9. Hey, Theo James

We’re still fanning ourselves over your general you-ness in Sanditon. Just saying. Wink. 

10. Sexiness in a time of quarantine (and for introverts)

Jane Austen has understood how love really works since 1812 and no one can convince us otherwise.

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